Signs That Indicate It Is Time For A New Disposal

Garbage disposals add convenience to a person's life by allowing them to get rid of leftovers, without having to add them to the trash can. They chop and grind different kinds of foods into small particles that can safely travel into the sewer system. However, users must be careful about putting particular items like pasta, rice, or coffee grounds inside the device, as these things may cause stoppages. Disposals come equipped with motors featuring different horsepower. To ensure that you are choosing theRead More

Scenarios That May Cause Drain Line Stoppages

Drains that flow correctly are dependent upon the condition of the main trunk line. Older yard lines are of concrete and clay. As they age, the materials and connections become brittle, sustain cracks, and allow roots to grow into the inside of the pipe. Trees, shrubs, and different kinds of flowers are often to blame, but these plants are just doing what comes naturally, which is growing towards the water source. Unfortunately, as they accomplish the feat, toilet paper, flushable wipes, and feminineRead More

Reasons Why Your Toilet May Need To Become Reset

The bowl wax gasket under a commode provides a secure seal between the base of the toilet and the closet flange. If these components become damaged, sitting on the toilet may leave a person feeling like they are riding a bucking bull, instead of using the restroom. The flange is typically made from PVC, brass, cast iron, or ABS, and requires the installer to anchor it to the floor appropriately. A blown out wax can result in water seeping into the sub-flooring, whichRead More

Plumbing Issues That Can Leak And Leave Stains On The Drywall

Broken tiles and crumbling grout lines around the tub are a recipe for disaster. Water can become splashed on the walls or floor, and it easily finds its way onto sheetrock, especially when the bathroom is located on the second story. Tile-in soap dishes and benches in the shower are also notorious for causing leaks. If you have an access panel behind the tub, remove it, and use a flashlight to look for water stains, disintegrating pieces of drywall, or visible signs ofRead More

Consider Having Your Water Heater Replaced Because Of These Reasons

Most people don't tend to spend their time thinking about the state of their water heater. Of course, that is, not until they are in the middle of a shower, and icy cold liquid comes in contact with their skin. Just thinking about the situation can send shivers down your spine. Today's models are energy efficient, and they heat up quicker than ever before, but there are still multiple reasons as to why it might be the right time for a replacement. TheRead More

A Dripping Faucet Or Running Toilet May Cost Crofton Residents More Than They Might Think

Different things cause faucets and toilets to start leaking. Older sink and tub fixtures have seats and washers that wear out over a period. In many cases, the brass material can become filed down to remove knicks, but those of Monel will need to be replaced to restore the fixture’s functionality. Newer faucets have ceramic disc stems or cartridges, and instead of merely changing a washer, the plumber has to replace the piece to remedy the problem. Rust and other debris can becomeRead More

Ways To Tell If Your Toilet Functionality Is Declining

Toilets have gained a lot of different names over the years. Some people call them a throne and John, while others just say commode. Regardless of what you call the equipment, one constant always remains the same, which is we expect the toilet to flush all of the waste. There should be no paper or fecal matter hanging out in the bowl, and nobody particularly wants to have to use a plunger for unstopping the unit. Designs have come a long way sinceRead More