Two Sinks Are Better Than One: Why You Should Add A Prep Sink

One of the most popular kitchen features among our clients is prep sinks. Prep sinks are different than a clean-up sink. They are a small sink often featured in the kitchen aisle or on the other side of the room from the clean-up sink. Prep sinks are used to make food preparation convenient. Rather than running back and forth across the kitchen when you need to use the sink, they are placed strategically where you’d need a second sink. Here are some ofRead More

Six Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen Renovation

Not every home has the room for a large, spacious kitchen. Though there are some architectural options to expand a kitchen during a remodel, these can be relatively pricey. If you want to get more out of your kitchen renovation without redeveloping the space a smart design can help. When working with your Cardigan Kitchens and Baths designer, we’ll present you with some clever ways to get the most out of every square foot including: (more…)Read More

Our Five Favorite Kitchen Kid-Friendly Features

Kitchens are the heart of the home. If you have children, there are some features you should consider adding to your kitchen remodeling project to make the space more welcoming for kids. These features can help them exercise independence, help you cook, and make cleaning up a breeze. Here are our five favorite kid-friendly features: (more…)Read More

Four Types Of Cabinets To Add Extra Storage To Your Maryland Bathroom

Finding storage space in even a large bathroom can be challenging. However, with custom-built cabinetry, you can get all the storage space your family need. Outside of the sink vanity, there are some other cabinetry options that can be installed to house all of your toiletries and linens. Here are four storage types of cabinets to consider for your bathroom remodel: (more…)Read More

Four Tips For Choosing A Kitchen Cabinet Color

One of the biggest decisions homeowners have to make during a kitchen remodeling is what color to choose for their custom cabinets. Wall color, backsplash design, and countertops are relatively easy and affordable to replace. However, your cabinetry will be much longer-lasting. So it is important that you choose a color that you’ll love. Here are some tips to get started: (more…)Read More

Five Master Bathroom Must-Haves For Your Next Remodel

A master bathroom remodel can make your morning routine with your partner easier. In order to get the most functionality out of the space, there are some definite must-haves to consider. These must-haves help two people get ready at the same time without being on top of one another. If you’re going to remodel your master bathroom this year, here are features that will make your morning a breeze: (more…)Read More

Three Key Considerations For Picking A Bathroom Vanity

Whether you are doing a full bathroom remodel or just upgrading your bathroom vanity, there are some important things to consider when choosing a vanity. At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths our design experts can help make sure you get the right vanity for your space. There are three considerations to keep in mind when making this important choice. (more…)Read More