Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level With A Remodel

Most homes have bathrooms that only feature the necessities like a shower, toilet, and sink. The fixtures usually function appropriately, providing that they were installed correctly and that no defects occurred during the manufacturing process. Additionally, cabinets, shelves, and other storage solutions are not always at the top of the list for builders. So, new homeowners face the dilemma of having to find places to store their linens, shampoos, and other belongings. (more…)Read More

Signs Of A Potential Shower Pan Failure

Many homes, old and new alike, have tile showers in the master, guest, or another bathroom. Some designs are plain, while others are more extravagant and feature built-in benches, soap dishes, or different accessories. Body sprays, rain heads, and digital controls are a few of the highlights that newer showers offer. Regardless of the style, the stalls are ideal for cleansing a person's skin and leaving them feeling refreshed. However, a pan lies beneath the tile, and if a problem occurs, the propertyRead More

Plumbing Is The Ideal Solution For Making Your Home More Eco And Environmentally Friendly

Water is vital to human survival. For one, it is a refreshing beverage that keeps people, pets, and livestock hydrated. Additionally, the liquid is essential for plant life to grow and thrive too. Homeowners use h2O for operating toilets, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and a host of other activities. Water covers approximately 71-percent of the Earth's surface, but rain is scarce in some climates, and specific areas receive little to no rainfall year round. In these regions and everywhere else, conservation is the key.Read More

Make Wiping And Scrubbing Things Of The Past With A Self-Cleaning Toilet

People decide to remodel for numerous reasons. For one, many older kitchens and bathrooms are cramped with very little storage space. Homeowners can barely turn around without bumping into a counter, appliance, or something else, and stocking goods in the locations is nearly impossible. Another reason people choose to renovate is that the rooms feature cracked tiles, peeling paint, or fixtures have dingy finishes. Still, others decide to refurbish their homes because it makes the cleaning process easier. (more…)Read More

Common Culprits Behind Bathtub Leaks

Not everyone enjoys soaking in a bathtub, and some people only use them to shower. However, regardless of how you utilize your tub, leaks can occur from various things. Unfortunately, finding the culprit behind the water loss sometimes proves to be a difficult feat, but luckily, Crofton and surrounding area residents don't have to face the dilemma alone. We are one of the original plumbing companies in Bowie & Crofton, and the team has helped many clients in Maryland with their remodeling andRead More

Check Your Sump Pump When Foul Odors Seep Out Of The Basement

Many Maryland and other residents nationwide have sump pumps in their basements. The equipment reroutes water to an appropriate location and prevents it from building up under the house. These pieces of machinery usually remain out of sight and out of mind, but it is important to have a plumber maintain them periodically. After all, the last thing a homeowner wants is to have a malfunction during the rainy season. (more…)Read More

Ways That Dry, Hot Weather Can Affect Your Plumbing System

Summertime is upon us, so it only fits that we talk about plumbing problems that can arise from the hot and dry weather. Many issues can be resolved beforehand by letting a plumber inspect the premises while making repairs as necessary. However, some dilemmas are not preventable, so homeowners must remain on the lookout for signs like standing or spraying water. Additionally, they also need to listen for out of the ordinary sounds. After all, most folks don't crawl around under their housesRead More