Why You Should Consider An Open-Concept Kitchen Remodel

Open-concept kitchens have been growing in popularity. We are seeing more and more of them in the remodels we complete, and it makes sense. They can open up your kitchen, and make it a desirable place to congregate. Open-concept kitchens can increase the natural light in your home, improve the flow of traffic in your home, and can simply be downright stunning. But, there are some things to consider if you would like to implement an open-floor design. (more…)Read More

Keep Your Finances In Check When Remodeling

Many customers know that they want to remodel, but are unrealistic about a project’s costs. Or, they are worried about the cost, and never undergo the project. It is entirely possible to remodel without destroying your finances, but it requires planning and awareness. (more…)Read More

Here Are The Different Areas Of Interest For Your Kitchen Remodel

Trying to match a remodel design to your budget can be frustrating. You want it all, and everything looks awesome – but you just can’t afford everything. What are some things that you should spend a bit more on during your remodel? What are some areas where you can afford to save a few dollars? (more…)Read More

You Should Expect The Unexpected With Your Home Remodel

When remodeling your home, you would obviously hope it went according to plan. But your remodel, much like anything in life, is susceptible to unexpected hiccups along the way. By expecting the unexpected, you can be a bit more at ease if anything arises during your remodel. (more…)Read More

When Should You Give Your Home A Remodel?

It could be a thought that has been slowly creeping its way into your head. Or, it could happen suddenly, like an alarm clock going off. Either way, you may be realizing you want to remodel. But, you’re worried about the process. Maybe you’re worried about saying “Go” and beginning the project. No need to worry – we at Cardigan are here for you. When is the best time for you to remodel? (more…)Read More

Trends Seen In 2017 Remodels

Are you considering a home remodel this year? Although you may have an idea of what you’d like to see in your remodel, it’s worth considering what’s “in” in the remodeling industry. Now that we are almost halfway through the year and you’ve saved up some money for your remodel, it’s worth sharing some trends that we’ve seen in the remodels we’ve completed this year. (more…)Read More