Six Ways To Add Storage Around Your Home With Custom Built Cabinetry

Even if you live a pretty minimal lifestyle, you can never have too much storage. Storage helps keep us organized and protects our possession. An ideal way to add storage to any room in your home is with custom-built cabinetry. Custom-built cabinetry works with both your space and your storage needs to ensure your space is optimized. Here are six ways to add storage with custom cabinetry around your home: (more…)Read More

Four Kitchen Features That Have A High Return On Investment

One of the most sought after features of a home is a modern, up-to-date kitchen. Whether you are looking to sell your house now or down the road, investing a kitchen upgrade can have a big return. However, in order to get your money back or even make money a kitchen remodel, you need to invest in features that have a high value of return. Here are four features worth the investment: (more…)Read More

Yorktowne Cabinets Are For More Than Just Looking Pretty

While it is true that Yorktowne cabinets add to the aesthetics of almost any room, they are for far more than just looking pretty. Having them installed in your kitchen provides you with places to store food, cooking utensils, and small appliances. They reduce countertop clutter and give homeowners an ample amount of room for food preparation. Of course, the kitchen is not the only location in the home that can benefit from receiving Yorktowne cabinets. They can prove to be useful organizationalRead More

There Might Be An Easy Fix To Having No Water Pressure In The Washing Machine

Many people take their appliances for granted. They expect the equipment to work seamlessly with the push of a button or a turn of a knob. However, much like anything else human-made, eventually, something will go wrong. Whenever these issues occur, before running out and buying new equipment, Crofton residents should contact Cardigan to inspect the unit. The hose connections could be the culprit, and letting our plumbers unclog and replace the screens may be all that is needed. (more…)Read More

Signs That Indicate It Is Time For A New Disposal

Garbage disposals add convenience to a person's life by allowing them to get rid of leftovers, without having to add them to the trash can. They chop and grind different kinds of foods into small particles that can safely travel into the sewer system. However, users must be careful about putting particular items like pasta, rice, or coffee grounds inside the device, as these things may cause stoppages. Disposals come equipped with motors featuring different horsepower. To ensure that you are choosing theRead More

Scenarios That May Cause Drain Line Stoppages

Drains that flow correctly are dependent upon the condition of the main trunk line. Older yard lines are of concrete and clay. As they age, the materials and connections become brittle, sustain cracks, and allow roots to grow into the inside of the pipe. Trees, shrubs, and different kinds of flowers are often to blame, but these plants are just doing what comes naturally, which is growing towards the water source. Unfortunately, as they accomplish the feat, toilet paper, flushable wipes, and feminineRead More