What Should Be In My Remodeling Contract?

When entering into a remodeling contact, you should be thorough and clear with your contractor. It is important that you get on the same page before the project begins. Otherwise, it could create a hassle for you over the life of the project. Your contract should clearly spell out the arrangement in which both parties are entering. What are some things that should be in your signed contract? (more…)Read More

Where To Find Inspiration For Your New Home Remodel

It’s time – you know your kitchen or bathroom needs remodeling. It’s old and outdated. Perhaps some things aren’t functioning correctly. You may not have the first idea of what you would like your remodel to accomplish, or what you like to incorporate into a remodel. How can you go about finding inspiration for your remodel? (more…)Read More

What Is The Timeline For Your Home Remodel

Having reasonable expectations of your project’s timeline can directly determine with your satisfaction with the project. If the project runs considerably longer than you expected, you will grow frustrated with the process. What should be an enjoyable experience will quickly turn sour. Your contractor should be clear and upfront about what you can expect in terms of an expected timeline. Mentally, you should prepare for an extra week or so of work – problems are often discovered during the process that are outRead More

Avoid Plumbing Mistakes During Your Remodel

   As you have likely realized by now, there are many moving parts and components that go into a remodel. The choices and decisions that you have to make are endless! If you have not realized this yet – you soon will. Below are some tips to help you avoid costly plumbing mistakes during your remodel. (more…)Read More

Benefits Of Replacing Your Plumbing During A Bathroom Remodel

When planning a bathroom remodel, there are many important factors to consider. Your bathroom plumbing should be at the top of the list. Even if you were just going to complete a basic remodel, such as replacing appliances or adding some cabinetry, you should strongly consider replacing your plumbing as well. (more…)Read More

Factoring Utilities Into Your Remodel Design

When you are designing your kitchen remodel, you are going to need to factor your existing utilities into your plan. Some utilities can be moved, while it is more difficult – or significantly more expensive – to move others. (more…)Read More