Why Choose Quartz Countertops?

Choosing your countertop material will be one of your toughest decisions when remodeling your kitchen. There’s plenty on the market today to choose from, but one option that has really been ahead of the curve in terms of durability and style is quartz. Quartz countertops allow for nearly endless style possibilities, and really provide something different in your new modern kitchen. A few benefits of choosing quartz countertops for your new kitchen remodel are: (more…)Read More

4 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Bathroom Plumbing

When your bathroom needs a remodel, you’ll see some distinct signs that it’s time. When you walk into your bathroom and feel it looks dated, when the layout isn’t quite working as it once did, when storage space is filling up quickly, you’ll know it’s time to consider what a bathroom renovation can do for your home. However, plumbing is largely hidden in the bathroom, and it’s a crucial part of having a bathroom that remains functional. 4 signs it’s time to updateRead More

5 Signs It’s Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling keeps your home fresh, modern, and with the times. Whether you’re planning to sell your home, or you’re intending to stay for many years, a kitchen remodel will provide you with quite a bit of value. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but you’re not quite sure if now is the right time, the 5 signs that it’s time for a remodel are: (more…)Read More

How Long Will It Take To Remodel My Kitchen?

Because the kitchen is one of the single most used spaces in the home, one of the biggest concerns many have when considering a remodel is just how long their kitchen will be out of commission for. A family can only go so long not being able to use their current kitchen, but the proper planning can provide simple ways to work around issues and allow for a full remodel at the same time. (more…)Read More

Comparing Quartz And Granite Countertops

Quartz and granite have quite a bit in common. For those looking to complete a kitchen remodel to add value to their home, those looking to install durable and easy to clean countertops, and those who want to extend their style to their counters, these are the two materials that will likely be at the top of your wish list. While quartz and granite have a lot in common, they also carry with them some differences, and it’s in these differences you’ll findRead More

The Benefits Of Having Granite Countertops In Your Home

One of the top sought-after features in modern kitchens today is a sleek natural granite countertop. Granite has a certain air of luxury, a sleekness that never goes out of style, and a longevity worthy of the price of installation. With the installation of a granite countertop, any kitchen immediately achieves an upscale makeover look. While there are plenty of aesthetic reasons to install a granite countertop, there’s also plenty of functional reasons that provide real benefits of going for granite. (more…)Read More