Let the Family Gather – Kitchen Expansion

When your grandparents were growing up, the kitchen was a place where meals were cooked and dishes were washed. Many of the older homes had separate dining rooms where the meals were eaten and a door separated the two rooms, keeping the kitchen sequestered. When your parents wandered in while grandma was cooking, they were often ushered right back out. New Designs Thanks to open floor plans and new design options for kitchens, those days are long gone. Today, the kitchen has becomeRead More

Floored by New Floors – Remodeling Your Home

So you’ve picked out the appliances that you’ve always wanted for your new, remodeled kitchen. You love the new garden tub that you picked out for your updated bathroom. And the cabinets in both areas are exquisite. Now comes the daunting task of picking out just the right flooring to pull it all together. A Functional Option in the Kitchen Since your kitchen is going to get a whole lot of use and heavy traffic, laminate flooring is always a great option. BeforeRead More

Remodeling Your Bathroom: A Tub by Any Other Name

When you are finally ready to start remodeling your bathroom and upgrade to the next century, there are many things that you need to consider. Tile type, toilet design, and what to do about your tub? Do you simply refinish the old one, or rip it all out and put in something new? If you are in the market to put in something new, you might consider installing a Jacuzzi tub, a garden tub, or even a soaking tub. Pros: Bathe Away the StressRead More

Upgrade Your Bathroom Now for Selling Later

It’s no secret that an upgraded bathroom can upgrade the resale value of your home. Buyers who are looking for a place to live often have specific requirements when it comes to the number of bathrooms that a home has to offer, as well as the specifics of the ones that already exist. No one really wants to buy a home with an ugly bathroom that needs a lot of work unless they plan on buying a fixer-upper for a very low priceRead More

When it’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater

Summer is winding down and the coolness of fall will be soon approaching. The last thing you want to do is turn on your shower one chilly morning, only to be pelted with cold water. Before you panic, it could just be that the pilot light on your hot water tank has gone out, or that the circuit breaker has been tripped. But if the water has gone cold because your hot water heater has failed, you could be facing worse than justRead More

Kitchen Remodeling: Don’t Even Try to DIY

There are times when a do-it-yourself project can save you money and give you a feeling of accomplishment. You can bake ten-dozen cookies for your best friend’s upcoming wedding shower, knit a hat and glove set for your cousin who is always chilly, or even sponge-paint the walls of your bedroom if you are feeling particularly adventurous. These are good DIY projects that are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a huge time investment. The best thing about them is this; if you screwRead More

The C & C Renovation: Countertops and Cabinets

Here in MD, we are about to say goodbye to the heat of summer, outdoor barbecues, and dinner on the deck. Though we say hello to the chillier weather, it isn’t all that bad. Time for oven-roasted meals, baking for the multitude of holidays forthcoming, and entertaining visitors indoors. When it comes to your kitchen, you need something that is spacious enough to handle the cookies, and cozy enough to handle the guests. This Old Kitchen Maybe you moved into your home aRead More