The Holiday Half-Bath

Home for the holidays! Nothing makes the holidays seem quite as magical as when your whole family can be together. Maybe your daughter is bringing her boyfriend home from college, your son’s family is coming into town for a week, and your parents are taking a break from Florida and heading back north for awhile. Whoever is coming, for however long they’ll be there, you might be having a full house this year. As wondrous as it will be, you can’t help butRead More

Picking The Right Kitchen Cabinets

This is the story of Jane. After many years of living in a house with a kitchen that she detested, Jane decided that it was time to do something about it. It was time to remodel and Jane wanted to do the entire process on her own. She was a creative person and knew what she wanted so she made a list of what it would take for her to have the kitchen of her dreams. The Plan She planned and researched newRead More

Time To Update The Floors

When you think about tile, you probably think about your kitchen and bathroom. But what about the entryways, dining room, or even the living room? Before you balk at the idea, think about homes that you have been in that have hardwood floors. How classy and elegant they looked, or maybe how rustic and charming. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the Berber and Saxony and start thinking about upgrading your home to something better. Why Should I Tile? Carpet can beRead More

Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Consider Before Your Remodel

For all of our customers looking for remodels during 2016, there are some stellar cabinet trends that you may want to incorporate into your overall remodel for the new year. Our custom remodelingservices at Cardigan can help you to incorporate these trends into your home, and a few that you may want to keep an eye on are: • Make it personalized – The days of basic cabinet design are over, and taking a personalized approach is what many are striving for duringRead More

Home Improvement Resolutions

As 2015 rolls away, 2016 rolls in.  There are many different resolutions that people will make for the upcoming year.  The most popular being resolutions of weight loss or getting into better shape, but there are also resolutions to improve one’s finances, quit bad habits, and even find a better job. Statistics say that 1 in 3 people will stop trying to achieve their goals by the end of January. Some might be too busy to work on the goals, while some mightRead More

Subway Tile And The Inspiration

Subway tile became popular in the early 1900’s when it debuted right where its name suggests: in the subways of New York City. Since that time, the tiles have spread out and taken root in many homes across America. In modern times, they have evolved beyond simple white rectangle tiles and can be found in many different colors and textures. The kitchen backsplash has been the primary setting for these tiles in the home. When it comes to remolding your kitchen, adding aRead More

The Pros Of All Countertops

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen countertop, there are many different styles and materials to choose from.  Have you ever watched one of those home improvement shows on television and thought that the new counters looked gorgeous, but wondered how functional they really were? If you are in the process of remolding your kitchen, how do you know what kind of countertop would work best for you and your family? Here are 4 of the most popular materials on the marketRead More