2 Common Enemies Of Drain Systems Everywhere

2 Common Enemies Of Drain Systems Everywhere

A home’s plumbing system is vital to our overall way of life. However, most people don’t go around thinking about pipes, lines, and fixtures unless issues arise. Although it is only the end of July, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and it will be here before you know it. A lot of homeowners will have friends or family members over for this festive occasion, and the last thing they need is for their drains to start acting up. 

After all, the guests will need to use the facilities, and nobody wants to have to run down to the nearest convenience store when commodes fail to take waste or sinks begin to gurgle. To combat these effects, consider letting a local plumber inspect your sewer, kitchen, bathtub, and other drains. These highly trained professionals will be able to remove foreign substances, locate potential problems, and ensure that the lines remain free-flowing. 


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Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy, licensed, and insured establishment to complete your residential repairs is easier said than done. Our team has proudly been serving Maryland homeowners since 1971. We are both a BBB accredited, and Houzz recommended, business. The technicians pride themselves in getting repairs done right the first time, and they do promptly so that you can get back to flushing, running water, washing clothes, or doing other essential tasks involving liquid. 


Know Where To Turn For Help When These Drain Enemies Attack – Plumbing Systems


1.Grease – 

Pouring oil and grease directly down a kitchen sink is a big no-no unless a person wants the line to fail. However, sometimes, the substances get into the drain regardless of how careful people are.

For instance, when plates, pots, pans, and different dishes become washed, small amounts of the elements go down the pipe. The act may not seem like a big deal, but over time, the particles build up and harden, especially when it turns cold outside. Instead of cooking and cleaning, homeowners get stuck with a sink full of nasty water.

So, rather than letting grease wreak havoc on the lines, watch what goes down them, and call our plumbers whenever the need arises.

2.Food – 

Many kitchens have garbage disposals, including those here in Maryland, and the appliances are ideal for getting rid of leftovers.

However, if the unit does not have enough horsepower, is old, or people put a little too much food down them at once, P-traps, continuous waste tees, and the kitchen sink branch line becomes plugged.

Use moderation when putting foods down the disposal and always run plenty of water at the same time. These actions will prevent many stoppages, but should an issue happen, know that help is only a phone call away.