2 Ways To Improve Your Bathroom That Get Noticed

2 Ways To Improve Your Bathroom That Get Noticed

The most important kinds of bathroom improvement are often the ones that don’t get noticed. Upgrading from early 20th-century plumbing to modern pipes, for example, is incredibly important, but it’s a change no one will ever see. There are, however, certain kinds of bathroom improvement that are immediately noticeable to everyone when they step into the room. Here are the most dramatic.


Few people realize at first just how crucial lighting can be to a bathroom, especially one used for grooming purposes like hair styling or applying makeup. While a single overhead light is functional for a bathroom and might be sufficient for a half bathroom only used as a toilet and for washing hands, the main bathroom lit like this can make life more difficult for homeowners.
Larger spaces need more light, and while an overhead can help people use the toilet or take a shower, it’s not practical for grooming. Spacing more lights in the room, especially near mirrors, can make a big difference in how the room looks and feels. More windows can also do the same job during the daytime.


Another immediately visible change is the flooring itself. The texture and color of bathroom tile go a long way toward defining the look of a bathroom. It’s also important to choose tile not just for its decorative value but for traction. The bathroom is exposed to more water than any other room in the house, so it can be easy to slip and fall here without good traction from walking surfaces.

Good bathroom tile can look beautiful, provide traction, and remain easier to clean than other floors because of its tile nature. If you’re worried about cold floors in the mornings or evenings, another bathroom improvement is to add heating to the tiles so you’ll always be comfortable walking on the floor.

Lighting and flooring are often more noticeable than a toilet or bathtub change.