2018 Kitchen Plumbing Design Trends To Consider For Your Home

Sinks are the workhorse of your kitchen, so they often need to be replaced more frequently than the other features. If it’s time to upgrade your kitchen plumbing, here are the biggest trends of 2018 to keep your kitchen sink modern, stylish, and functional.


Top Sink Style Trends For 2018


The sink trends in 2018 vary in style, but they all have one major thing in common. All of these sinks are extremely functional, easy to clean, and made with durable materials.

Undermount Deep Basin Sinks: Undermount sinks offer a seamless look and facilitate easy counter cleanup. This type of sink can only be installed with solid surface countertops like granite or quartz. Since they are mounted under the counters, they can be really deep and offer lots of functional space.

Seamless Sinks: Seamless sinks are formed right into a solid surface countertop like quartz. They are the easiest type of sink to clean and can be designed in any shape that you want. Seamless sinks are extremely sleek and offer a fully integrate, seamless look.

Apron Sinks: Farmhouse style is all the rage this year. Apron sinks resemble the sinks from old style farmhouses from the turn of the century. These sinks are available in a wide range of materials including porcelain, stainless, and even wood. Apron sinks are very deep and come in a range of widths for your particular needs.


Top Faucet Trends For 2018


A sink is not complete without a faucet. Faucet styles and trends also come and go, so when installing a new sink, consider also getting an updated faucet style:

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets: Functionality is king with pull down kitchen faucets. It’s why they are the preferred faucet in restaurant kitchens. They are great when you are washing dishes or produce because instead of grabbing a separate hand faucet, you just pull down the faucet and spray.

Hands Free And Motion Sensor Faucets: Hands free and motion sensor faucets are faucets comes on either by a gentle touch or when you place an item underneath it. It’s a great option for people who find themselves with their hands full a lot of the time. They are also great for helping keep your faucet clean.

Brass And Gold Faucets: Brass and gold finishes are back in style again. So if you are looking to add a little bit of luxury to your space, go ahead and implement a gold finish instead of pewter or chrome.

Cardigan Kitchens and Baths offers custom kitchen designs. If any of these trends strike your fancy, we can help install them in your home. Contact us today and we’ll help you determine which trends are right for you!