2018 Renovation Trends

2018 Renovation Trends

When conducting a remodel, many homeowners want to ensure that they are keeping up with the latest design trends. Doing so ensures their house remains valuable, especially when compared with other homes in the Crofton area. Curious about the design trends most popular right now? Below are the renovation trends that we’ve seen most throughout the year.


People Are Investing In Their Homes


First and foremost is the fact that people are remodeling their homes. One Houzz and Home Study found that nearly 60 percent of homeowners chose to renovate at least one room in their home within the past year. Homeowners spent $15,000 on average to do so.

Furthermore, more than half of respondents indicated that they had planned to complete a renovation project within the coming year. The moral of it all is that people are investing in their homes and that now could be the ideal time for you to do so if you wish to keep up with the latest trends.


Kitchens And Baths Are The Most Popular Renovations


We’ve also seen that now, more than ever, people are renovating their kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, the three most commonly renovated rooms in a home are:

• Kitchens
• Guest Bathrooms
• Master Bathrooms

Over the course of the past year, approximately one-third of our customers elected for a kitchen renovation. We believe that this is the case because it is an area of the home that people use on a daily basis, meaning it is subject to significant wear and tear. It’s also easy for homeowners to grow bored with their kitchen design and seek a change.


Smart Home Technology


Another design trend that has gained momentum over the course of the past year was the rise in smart home technology. A little less than a quarter of the renovations that we worked on this year have involved some sort of home system renovation. This includes everything from smart thermostats to lights.

Customers indicate that they choose these products for a few reasons. One, they like knowing that they can have complete control over their home at any point, no matter where they are. But they also view smart home technology as an investment in their home. For example, many who elect for intelligent thermostats admit that they will gladly eat the up-front cost if it means reducing their heating and cooling bill in the long run.


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