3 Countertop Choices For Your New Low Maintenance Kitchen

A popular reason for having a kitchen remodel is to turn an existing kitchen into one that is a bit more manageable. Your kitchen is a place you’ll spend time in every day, and maintaining a low-maintenance kitchen is important to many that want to keep their kitchen in great shape without spending too much time maintaining it. For this reason, we wanted to outline a few of the best countertop choices for a low-maintenance kitchen, and these top 3 choices are:

  1. Engineered Stone – Engineered stone countertops are made from crushed stone, like Quartz, structured with polymer resin. Often sold under the name Silestone, engineered stone countertops are sturdy, simple to clean, and great for maintaining their notable shine. Naturally resistant to both staining and scratching, all they require in terms of upkeep is a simple sponge bath with soap and mild water. If you’re cooking and you have a spill, a little wipe-down is all you need.
  2. Soapstone – Soapstone is a material that has been used for centuries, and learning a little about it shows why. The stone is highly dense, causing it to be resistant to both bacteria and heat, so hot pots or pans won’t leave a mark, and eliminating contaminants is incredibly simple. Like engineered stone, a quick wipe with a soapy sponge is all that’s required to keep it looking fresh and new.
  3. Laminate – Affordable and versatile, laminate remains a highly popular countertop material option. It can be cleaned with exceptional ease, and its resistance to stains makes it a wonderful choice for kitchens that will be well used. Like the others, it also only requires a mild soap and water wipe-down to maintain its cleanliness and beauty. Another big plus with laminate? The amount of finishes you’re able to choose from allows it to fit right into any kitchen style.

The countertops you choose will make a big difference in your overall kitchen remodel, and give you the ability to have just the kitchen you want in aesthetic and function. Tosee what countertops we can offer your new kitchen, simply check us out at Cardigan today!

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