3 Decluttering Tips for a Pristine Kitchen

3 Decluttering Tips for a Pristine Kitchen

Kitchens, being the busy cooking space it is, have the tendency to become messy with clutter over time. Whether or not you like to spend time in the kitchen, it serves as a place for meal preparation and should be kept neat and tidy at all times. With the power of decluttering, you can achieve a pristine and clutter-free cooking space anyone in the house would love to spend time in. Read on for 3 kitchen decluttering tips you can make use of in your home.

Organize Your Pantry

It’s likely that hundreds of ingredient bottles, bags, and cans make up a huge amount of your kitchen’s clutter. While it’s handy to keep your ingredients out in the open, remember that you could be exposing your food to pests and dust. Instead, store them inside closed kitchen cabinets to keep your food secure, and to keep the cooking space looking tidy. If you must keep some of your food items out in the open, find clear jars to store them in instead of keeping them in their packaging to keep things looking cohesive and organized.

Clear Your Cooking Station

While it’s common for some kitchens to keep their cooking utensils within arm’s reach in front of the stove or sink, keep in mind that this poses as a real safety hazard for you and your family. Apart from the discussed exposure to pests, there’s also the possibility of knocking things over while rushing in the morning. Keep things in order by storing your cooking materials in nearby drawers instead. You’ll thank yourself for the lack of eyesores and the need to constantly wipe dust off everything later on.

Make Sure You Have Enough Kitchen Cabinets

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to keep the kitchen tidy if you don’t have enough storage options available. If you have a few cabinets in the kitchen, try disposing of any unnecessary items such as bottles of ingredients past their expiration date, or kitchen knickknacks you never use, to make room for things you use on the daily. If your space and budget allow, you can opt to have more kitchen cabinets installed such as overhead cabinets, or Yorktowne cabinetry.