3 Design Tips For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor And 3 Design Tips For You

Deciding to work with a kitchen remodeling contractor on a kitchen renovation project is often one of the biggest and most expensive improvements you can make to a home. This is especially true if the kitchen remodeling contractor is making your “dream kitchen,” and your family intends to use this kitchen rather than trying to modernize things for a home sale.

However, if you’re spending that kind of time and money to work with a professional kitchen remodeling contractor, here are a few design tips you should consider as you plan your new kitchen.

Know Your Workflow

If this is a kitchen for your family, then it’s critical for you or the primary kitchen user to get a clear idea of the preferred workflow. You may rely on multiple ranges on the stove or prefer to prepare many foods in the oven, meaning appliance upgrades, such as a dual oven system, may be more appropriate. Or perhaps the preference is to rely
on more portable appliances, such as blenders or mixers, for baking.

The types of foods and appliances used most frequently will dictate the kind of workflow that happens in a kitchen. A good kitchen needs to accommodate this workflow, so figure this out first and then make your kitchen plans around it.

Know Your Users

Are you working with a kitchen remodeling contractor on a new kitchen just for yourself and your partner? Or maybe this kitchen will be used by the entire family? Or is this a case of an “empty nest,” where it’s just you and a spouse at home again, but you’re getting older and would like to make adjustments to the kitchen as you age into your senior years?

If you’re making this kitchen for yourself or your family, consider these needs. A lower microwave, below counter level, for example, will make it easier for children to get access to this appliance so they can reheat food or prepare simple meals themselves. For seniors, redesigning cabinets and drawers for ease of opening mean users can continue enjoying the kitchen rather than “aging out.”

Modernize Your Power Requirements

Many more devices are used in today’s kitchen, not just kitchen appliances. It’s important to plan for additional power requirements if you regularly use appliances like an Instant Pot or rice cooker; however, beyond that, phones, speakers, laptops, and tablets all have their place in the kitchen now.

Whether it’s children using a laptop for homework or the cook watching a cooking video on a tablet, even wall outlets can now be equipped with USB and USB-C standard plugs for powering these devices. This makes things more convenient and eliminates the need to take up actual outlet space for appliances by plugging USB devices straight into their own wall outlets. With this modern-day upgrade, you’ll never have to worry about recharging your devices or having them run out on you in the kitchen again.

If you have plans for a major home project and want to talk to an experienced, professional kitchen remodeling contractor, contact us today.