3 Factors That Affect Your Small Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Remodel A Small Bathroom: 3 Factors That Affect Your Remodeling Cost

One of the critical factors that will affect the cost of any remodeling is the size of the room being worked on. After all, there’s a huge difference in final expenses between needing 30 square feet of premium bathroom tile, versus only need ten, for example. This would mean that the decision to remodel—or even add—a small bathroom to a home would be comparatively low, especially when contrasted with a full-blown kitchen renovation.

But how much will it actually cost? On average, the cost to remodel a small bathroom in the USA is about $6500 or $70 per square foot. However, this total can jump anywhere between $1500 or $15000, so what is influencing the final cost? Here are the three most significant factors.

Remodel A Small Bathroom – New Plumbing

This is going to be the most costly choice but, from a financial point of view, can often add the most value to your property. Homes with more bathrooms are always in demand, especially by families where there are fights to use the bathroom in the morning as everyone is preparing for work or school.

Adding a new, small bathroom to the first floor, for example, can add significant expenses to the cost to remodel a small bathroom because it’s a major renovation. New plumbing will have to be added for water supply and drainage. A new room will have to either be created or partitioned from an existing room to make the small bathroom. New tile and fixtures will have to be added.


Similar to plumbing, this can rapidly raise the cost of a remodel, but at the same time, it’s necessary. A bathroom needs, at minimum, wiring for the electric light, and at least one outlet possible uses such as attaching rechargers for electric toothbrushes, or for plugging in electric razors, hairdryers, and other appliances.

If a new bathroom is being built, this electrical wiring will need to be created and installed. If it’s an existing small bathroom, depending on the age, there may still be a need to upgrade the wiring to modern standards, such as if it’s an older home, still on knob and tube wiring.


Whether you’re remodeling an existing small bathroom or considering creating a new one, one consideration will always be the floor. Tile is essential for a bathroom because, like the kitchen, it is one of the few rooms in a home guaranteed to be exposed to significant amounts of water daily, whether in the form of a sink, shower, or bathtub usage.

As a result, there is a variety of different tiles that can be used for flooring surfaces. While one consistent quality will be water resistance, the price range of tile can go from affordable to premium based on homeowner preferences. If you have existing tile that is still in good condition, you can consider keeping it, but if it’s already showing its age, and you’d like your bathroom to feel new and improved, it may be time to choose a new floor as well.