3 Features For Your Small Bathroom

Average Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom - 3 Features To Look At 

A small bathroom can be a beneficial addition to any home. Still, while the average cost to remodel a small bathroom is lower than a full-size version, you have to be smarter about space. The smaller size means less room to maneuver, often in a literal sense, but these features can help you maximize that space.

Corner Sinks

Not only does this look very distinct and unusual, but it also helps you be much more efficient with your space usage in a smaller bathroom setting. Corner sinks, as the name indicates, take advantage of a corner space that is otherwise very difficult to fill with any useful fixtures.

Ordinarily, an empty corner might only be useful as a space for decorating, such as a potted plant, but corner sinks give you more room to work with in the already limited area of small bathroom remodeling.

Tiny Tub

Most people automatically dismiss a bathtub for a small bathroom due to the size. However, there are now “tiny tub” designs that you can incorporate into the average cost to remodel a small bathroom! As the name suggests, these are smaller tubs, part of the answer for demands to bathe in smaller apartment and condo properties.

Tiny tubs mean you can’t stretch your legs, but you can still enjoy a soak, and they are perfect for children and pets.

Floating Shelf

Another great space-saving feature. A floating shelf is a simple design, where the supports for the shelf are built into the wall, allowing the shelf to sit on top. This is minimal, unobtrusive, and will enable you to “stack” as many floating shelves as you think you need in any configuration you like.

This gives you more storage options, which is always a plus when dealing with these smaller spaces where storage is at a premium.