3 Kitchen Renovations To Maximize Smaller Spaces

3 Kitchen Renovations To Maximize Smaller Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so what happens when you’re stuck with a small space? It can still be beautiful and functional –– a perfect place to whip up meals when hosting guests. All you need are the right kitchen renovations to make it so.

A remodeling project can significantly transform a small kitchen, and it just takes knowing a few tricks that work to maximize your space. Here are some of them:

Keep Your Cabinets Low

Kitchen cabinets are crucial in smaller spaces, but you don’t have to always look upward. One major design trend we’re seeing for 2023 and 2024 is keeping your cabinets low and installing shelving instead to use up vertical space.

In smaller kitchens, doing so maximizes your usable space and gives the area a lighter, more open appearance, making it look larger than it actually is.

Use Light Colors To Visually Expand The Space

If you’re planning a color palette for your small kitchen, it’s best to keep things light and bright in order to make it look more spacious. Light colors have the proven ability to make an area appear bigger and more open by reflecting light.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get on board with trends like bright accent walls or contrast hardware, which can bring pops of color to your kitchen without taking away from the visual space you have. Just make sure that the majority of the space is painted with light-colored hues.

Consider Removing Walls

While this may not be suitable for all Maryland homes, particularly if you’re working with an older one, it could be an option for many. A smaller “compartmentalized” kitchen that is walled in on three sides can be opened up easily by removing a small section of the wall to join it partially to adjacent rooms.

With an experienced remodeling team, this is a kitchen renovation idea that can completely transform your space.

Any size kitchen may become the kitchen of your dreams with the right remodeling team. If you’re ready to make the most of your small space, contact us at Cardigan to get started with your kitchen renovations today.