3 Reasons To Get A Range Hood

Kitchen Renovations: 3 Reasons To Get A Range Hood

If you’re thinking of getting some kitchen renovations done, and you don’t already have a range hood installed in your current kitchen, think about getting this new addition. A range hood is an extractor fan that is designed pull in air coming from the stove below it, and push it outside the home. Some homeowners prefer to put in an appliance, like a microwave over the stove. Still, there are three significant advantages to using a stove range hood while cooking.

Cleaner Air

First and foremost, the extractor is designed to purify the air. Cooking produces many harmful particles aside from smoke, such as oil, grease, and other cooking remnants. A range hood, with sufficient strength and proper positioning, sucks up the majority of these particles and removes them from the home, making for a safer environment. This same functionality is also useful for keeping smells in the kitchen down to a minimum, as well as preventing both the particles and odors from permeating the entire house.

Removes Heat

Cooking gets hot, and it can quickly transfer that heat to the remainder of the kitchen. But in the same way that a range hood purifies the air, it can also keep it cooler. All that heat generated by the stove can also be extracted by the hood, making for a more stable environment, and, during the summer, a more comfortable space, with lower cooling bills.

More Light

Because a range hood is positioned directly over the stove, this is also the ideal place to position lights. Using a range hood means that homeowners get a much clearer, more convenient view of their stove and their cooking as the lights are now shining directly overhead, eliminating shadows and other visual issues that lights from the ceiling can impair.

Talk to your professional about adding a stove range hood to your list of kitchen renovations and experience the difference.