3 Refreshing Remodeling Ideas for a Crofton Home Kitchen

3 Refreshing Remodeling Ideas for a Crofton Home Kitchen

Like the first ray of sunshine on a Sunday morning, a kitchen remodeling project brings forth so much refreshing potential for something great. With so many design possibilities available, homeowners have the ability to create gorgeous Crofton home kitchens no matter the budget or kitchen size. Here, we list down 3 refreshing kitchen remodeling ideas you can use for your Crofton home.

A Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nooks act as a casual dining area in the kitchen for quick yet intimate dining sessions with the person preparing the meals, often over breakfast. Create a little breakfast nook in your own kitchen by installing a kitchen island with a heavy-duty countertop in the middle of the room. You can opt for granite or quartz as they can both withstand the rigorous activities of a busy kitchen, as this nook doubles as a meal prep area as well. Once the kitchen island has been installed, place 2-3 bar stools of your choice, and you have yourself a cozy breakfast nook for early morning coffee and midnight snacks.

A Kitchen Triangle

A kitchen triangle is a tried and tested way to arrange the sink, stove, and refrigerator to achieve maximum kitchen efficiency during meal preparation. For your Crofton kitchen remodel, position the kitchen sink directly across where you’d place your oven or gas range, or vice versa depending if you have your cooktops or ovens installed into a counter or wall. Once the Crofton kitchen remodel is complete, place your refrigerator across the middle ground of your sink and stove or oven. This arrangement allows you to move freely across the kitchen without any obstacles in your way, perfect for the hardworking home cook.

Minimalist Design

Achieve a minimalistic design at home by keeping your kitchen extremely neat and tidy by storing most of your wares into your kitchen cabinets. This aesthetic is a breath of fresh air compared to most busy kitchens, and rids your cooking space of unnecessary eyesores. Get this look by installing enough cabinetry to contain most of your ingredients, tools, and small appliances. Ask your contractor to get this done for you, but feel free to choose from their selection of cabinetry options to find the best design that suits your style. Complement this look by installing an optional neutral or monochrome ceramic tile backsplash.