3 Simple Ways For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

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Going green has meant many things in the past, but as we become more conscious of how the use of our devices is affecting the environment. We are adapting practices and traditions to be friendlier to our environment. An eco-friendly kitchen remodel can fit anyone’s budget with a little creativity.

Now and in the past, kitchens have become places where wasteful habits and practices prevail, but in the past decade we awareness of our effect on the environment is peaking. From appliances that use lots of energy and resources to unfriendly chemicals and toxins that can harm our environment, we’ve realized the importance of being environmentally friendly.

Remodeling your kitchen to be eco-friendly is a great investment for your home. Here are a few eco-friendly ideas to make your kitchen remodeling project the environment’s friend.


Check The Lighting Of Your Kitchen

Many kitchens get a considerable amount of daylight during the day through its windows. Using light-colored cabinets like Yorktown cabinets can help to maximize your kitchen’s lighting. Get in the habit of using natural light when it is sufficient enough to use. Install energy-efficient light bulbs for times when your kitchen needs extra lighting.


Remember To Use Non-Toxic Paint

Spruce up the look of your kitchen with a new coat of non-toxic paint. Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), natural pigments, and low biocides are paints that are more environmentally friendly. Paints labeled “low-VOC” meet the minimum requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency—which, according to them, means that paints contain no more than 250 grams per liter of VOCs. There are, however, many coats of paint with even lower VOC levels, just ask for the material safety data sheet.


Save Money And Resources With Energy-Efficient Appliances

Over 80 percent of appliances meet the federal Energy Star requirements. Switching your current appliances to install new energy-efficient appliances will save you both money and precious resources.

Be environmentally friendly alongside your kitchen. If you have not already, change your kitchen behaviors and habits to be eco-friendly too. Keep your fridge stocked to save energy and don’t run your dishwasher until it is full. Enjoy your new eco-friendly kitchen.

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