3 Situations Where You Need A Plumber’s Help

Crofton Plumbing Services: 3 Situations When You Need A Plumber

Sometimes, one sink in a home will drain slow or lose water pressure. These individual problems can often be solved with a plunger or unscrewing the tap to empty the aerator. However, there are other situations where the best thing you can do is call in professional Crofton plumbing services. Here are three of the biggest.

You Smell Sewage

This is not a situation that can be fixed with a plunger or a little bit of mechanical finessing. If you smell sewage coming from drains or wafting in some area of the property, this is serious. It may mean that there’s a blockage deep in the pipes that you can’t reach. Worse yet, it may mean there’s a break in the drainage pipe somewhere, and sewage is spilling out onto the property.

Low Water Pressure Everywhere

A single faucet or shower with low water pressure is a local problem. But if low water pressure is happening all over the home, the problem is much more widespread and severe. Clogged water pipes, or even corroded plumbing, resulting in a leak, could be possible causes for low water pressure. This will require experienced Crofton plumbing services to find and fix.

No Hot Water Means Call Crofton Plumbing Services

A water heater is a complex mechanism that may run off natural gas or electricity. If you’re still using a water heating system with a tank, there are numerous reasons hot water may no longer be available. However, all of these are complex, technical reasons, and you’d be better off having a professional try to fix your water heater than attempt this yourself. A leak in the tank, or even a malfunctioning natural gas valve, for example, are things you should not attempt to fix yourself.

More minor issues specific to one plumbing fixture may sometimes be better addressed by you. But if a plumbing issue runs throughout the property, it is best to always bring in the professionals.