3 Things That Affect Your Bathroom Remodeling Cost

3 Things That Affect Your Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Deciding to remodel a bathroom can be a good idea for many reasons. If you’ve just moved into a home where the bathroom shows both the look and wear and tear of a few decades or more, it’s always wise to give yourself a fresh start with an up to date bathroom. And if you’re thinking of increasing your home value, a bathroom remodel is a fast, reliable way to do this. But a good bathroom remodel needs to be balanced with cost, especially if you’re looking to increase property value. Here are a few of the factors that can have an impact on your final bathroom remodeling cost.

A New Bathroom Entirely

This is the first and most obvious factor that can bump your budget considerably. It’s not unusual for some older homes to not have a bathroom on the first floor, or for residents to desire a new bathroom, or at the very least, a new toilet, to free up some space.

This can mean homeowners may think about investing in a “water closet” on the first floor or in the basement that consists of a toilet, a sink, and maybe a shower stall. However, as to be expected, creating an entirely new bathroom where there wasn’t one before is going to bump up the cost of remodeling, and one of the chief reasons for this is the next factor on the list.

Scope Of Plumbing

More than any other room, a bathroom requires much plumbing for a toilet, a sink, a bathtub and/or shower stall. If you have any major changes for plumbing, this will have a big effect on the final bathroom remodeling cast. Brand new plumbing for a new water closet is the most expensive, as it will require building out new plumbing to connect to the existing pipeline.

However, even relocating fixtures can add to the cost. It’s not a simple decision to move the toilet to the other side of the room, relocate the sink, and then put a bathtub in the opened up space. Any fixture relocation requires new water and drainage pipes to accommodate the change.

Flooring – Bathroom Remodeling Cost

This can be relatively cheap or very expensive depending on your ambitions. Unlike other parts of the home, bathrooms need to be resistant to regular water exposure, in the form of both moisture in the air and actual spilling of liquids.

It’s not unusual for a bathroom remodel to include new flooring to change the look and increase the quality and value of the bathroom. However, bathroom flooring can get expensive quickly. Think about what you want in terms of look and function and then see how that lines up with the cost of the tile surfaces you’re thinking of.

As always, the final bathroom remodeling cost is going to be a balancing act between what you need, what you’d like, and what you’re willing to spend. If you’re thinking of getting your bathroom remodeled, contact us, so we can help you strike that balance with your budget when we provide experienced, accurate estimates and assessments.