3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets 

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your cabinets are a whole lot more than just looks. While they do help to shape the style of your kitchen, they also serve an important functional purpose. Kitchen cabinets that have everything you need allow you to access your appliances, flatware, dishes, tools, spices, and more, giving you a kitchen that doesn’t just look great, but one you actually look forward to using. If you’re upgrading your kitchen cabinets as part of your kitchen remodel, 3 things to consider when mapping out your remodel design are:

1. How much storage you really need – You may be looking toward smaller cabinets, but what if you’re an avid cook? You likely have plenty of small appliances, like a hand blender, a toaster, a can opener, or a sous vide. What if you like to entertain? You probably have your everyday dishes and your “fancy” dishes along with serving platters, large serving bowls, casserole dishes. A lack of storage leads to a cluttered kitchen, and a cluttered kitchen is one that’s difficult to use on an everyday basis.

2. Vertical space versus your height – Vertical space is a great way to open up a kitchen during a remodel, but you still want your kitchen to be convenient to use with plenty of easy access. For those who may be shorter, using more wall space for kitchen cabinets, rather than focusing purely on vertical space in a smaller area, could keep your kitchen more functional.

3. Your style – The kitchen cabinets are a natural area for the eye to travel to when someone walks into your space. For this reason, the style of your kitchen cabinets is important. There’s no hiding your cabinets, there’s no tucking them away or distracting from them, so you’ll want to make sure the style of your cabinetry fits in with the style of your kitchen. Modern, rustic farmhouse, minimalist, maximalist, or anything in between, it can be found in cabinets.

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