3 Things To Factor In For New Kitchen Cabinets

3 Things To Factor In For New Kitchen Cabinets

Getting professionally installed contractor kitchen cabinets are typically the most expensive part of any kitchen remodel. You’ll want to make sure you get this part right and to ensure your odds of success, you should give some thought to three significant factors.

Appliance Measurements

It’s always better to have appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and range hoods picked out in advance with access to their measurements. This makes it easier for your contractor to design the kitchen and arrange the cabinets in such a way as to fit your overall needs.
For example, some range hoods can be installed so that there is still some room for overhead cabinets, while others are so large they take up the entire space over the stove. Knowing the measurements and layout of these appliance makes your cabinet configuration more efficient.

Planned Stay

If you’re just moving into the home and you plan to raise a family here, you may want to splurge on cabinets and ensure you’ll get years—if not decades—of use out of them. If you’re trying to modernize an old kitchen before putting a home up for resale, you may not want to go all out on the spending to make sure that your total remodeling expenditure doesn’t wipe out the profit from the increase in property value.

Budget For Your Contractor Kitchen Cabinets

Probably the most critical factor to consider is just how much you’re willing to spend in total on the cabinetry. This should always be the final arbiter, though you may want to allow some wiggle room to spend a little more if you have to.

About 30% of the total remodeling cost is taken up by the purchase and labor for contractor kitchen cabinets. The national average for kitchens is about $17000, so a quality job for contractor kitchen cabinets runs typically in the thousands of dollars. Define your budget and try to stick to it.