3 Things To Remember About Kitchen Drawers

Cabinet Installation Contractors - 3 Things To Remember

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get a kitchen remodeled, you’re probably working closely with cabinet installation contractors to make sure you get the cabinets that you’ve been planning and thinking about. But while the cabinets are the biggest, most visible part of a kitchen remodel, there’s one aspect to your kitchen cabinetry that you should give some thought to; your kitchen drawers.

Drawers are often used but often forgotten aspect of the kitchen experience. However, they play an important role in storage and easy kitchen operations, and you should always make sure you get quality kitchen drawers installed along with your cabinets and counters. Here are three things to look for or ask about to make sure you get what you need.


Drawers can come in different sizes, so think about what it is that you need. For some, wider drawers make more sense because quality drawers are easy to pull out and push back in, making them more convenient than cabinets for retrieving certain items.

As a result, especially for older residents, bigger drawers may make more sense in a remodel if the plan is to rely more heavily on drawer storage than in the past. This is an option you can always discuss with your cabinet installation contractors as you’re planning the new look and configuration of your kitchen.

Ease Of Use

Another important factor for kitchen drawers is being light and easy to pull and out. This is entirely dependent on using quality slides or tracks. You have a huge range of choices here, but the old truism “you get what you pay for” is going to be most evident here.

For example, if saving money is a priority, it’s possible to get very inexpensive plastic slides for your drawers. However, making this choice compromises both lifespan and ease of use. Plastic tracks don’t glide as smoothly as other options, can get stuck, and, worst of all, may break after just a few years of use because plastic is delicate. Getting quality metal tracks, however, using ball-bearings or another high-quality solution means easy, smooth rollout every time, and can allow you to pull out the drawer completely, utilizing the full amount of allotted space.

Storage Options

Most people think of the kitchen drawers as just the place where utensils for eating are stored, but they can do a lot more than that. With good sized drawers and a few modifications, you can transfer some of your storage options from the cabinets to the drawers instead.

Pegs installed in deep drawers, for example, allow you to store dishes here instead of having to stoop down or reach up to cabinets to get plates for mealtime. For households addicted to phones, tablets, portable gaming systems, and other gadgets, it’s even possible to build in electrical outlets, so there are no more unsightly cords and electronics dangling around the home, one of the kitchen drawers can be a recharging station.

Always remember that kitchen drawers are part of your kitchen experience, so make sure they get the same thought and quality from your cabinet installation contractors as the rest of the room.