3 Things To Think About For Half-Bathroom Construction

3 Things To Think About For Half-Bathroom Construction

One of the best ways to add value, usefulness, and desirability to a home is a bathroom reconstruction project like a half-bathroom or half-bath. More bathrooms in a home is always a selling point, but there are some important considerations to make when thinking of having half-bathroom reconstruction done in your home. Here are three important factors to think about.

Minimum Size

The smallest advisable size for a half-bath is about 3-4’ in width by 6-8’ in length. This is a size where most people can still enter and comfortably use the space. Any smaller than these dimensions and the area feels both claustrophobic and even creates difficulties in use. A half-bath will have a toilet and sink, though it will need to be bigger if you want to install a shower stall.


Depending on how much cost is an issue, half-bath placement will depend on plumbing access. If, for example, a half-bath is constructed in an area with an existing water pipeline, then the cost of extending that line to the new toilet and fixtures is minimal. However, if no nearby water or drainage pipes exist, building these out and integrating them with the existing plumbing will cost more.


This can be tricky, and a lot of thought will need to go into this. For many homes, a popular space is directly under a staircase that often has the size required and goes largely unused. Other popular places include attics, unused closets, and even taking up space in a larger bedroom or laundry room. Look at your home and see if there is any unused space, and you may find that it will be suitable for your half-bath needs.

Once you’re ready to go, get in touch with some experienced professionals and start talking seriously about your bathroom reconstruction project. Fortunately, this type of home addition is never as expensive as a kitchen remodel.