3 Tips For A Better Bathroom

Maryland Contractors: 3 Tips For A Better Bathroom

Working with Maryland contractors is the surest way to get a bathroom remodeling project done with results you’ll love. But to ensure you get what you want, you have to plan ahead and make sure you know what will really benefit you. Here are a few tips that can help for remodeling a better bathroom once it’s time to talk to Maryland contractors.

Place Toilets Away From Door View

This one that few people think about, but it’s the placement of the toilet in the bathroom. Some believe that you want the toilet to be as quickly accessible as possible, but toilets left in view of the door can be a poor choice.

In many households, the bathroom door is left open, so it can be an eyesore to have the toilet in view all the time.

Conversely, if someone uses the toilet and the door is unlocked or even open, everyone can see that person using the toilet. Placing the toilet away from the view of the door is always a better design decision.

Consider Your Lighting

If you’re just using the toilet or taking a shower, a simple overhead light may be sufficient to see what you’re doing. But if you use your bathroom for any personal grooming, such as shaving, hair styling, or applying makeup, you’ll want better lighting to see what you’re doing.

For any bathroom, you plan to use for grooming purposes, think carefully about the kind of lighting you want to install. Ceiling lighting won’t be enough if you need a clear view of your face without shadows obscuring the features.

Plan Your Counterspace With Maryland Contractors

Different people and different bathrooms will have different needs. A half bath meant just for guest usage may not need a counter, just a sink for washing hands. But a bathroom where you do your grooming may require room for hairdryers, various brushes, shaving accessories, colognes, perfume, and many others.

Figure how much space you need and give yourself enough space on your vanity counter to accommodate it.