3 Tips For Better Bathroom Lighting

3 Tips For Better Bathroom Lighting

For anyone wondering, “Is there someone that can do bathroom remodeling near me,” there are plenty of professionals in the Crofton area with the experience and help with a project of this scale. However, one of the things that you should give some thought to is bathroom lighting. Three factors can make bathroom lighting a much more successful experience.

Layered Lighting

A common error many homeowners make for bathroom lighting is thinking that one overhead light is enough. While it’s true that basic activities like using the toilet or bathing with a single light source are enough to get the job done, other bathroom activities can be difficult, such as accurately applying makeup.

Multiple light sources make these activities easier and can even make some activities safer, like bathing and taking showers.

Proper Temperature

“Color temperature” is another aspect of bathroom lighting that many people don’t think about, but it significantly affects personal grooming. Anyone who has ever applied makeup in a bathroom, only to see it doesn’t look quite the way they thought once they are out and about, has been affected by a difference in color temperature for indoor lighting.

Without adjustment, lower temperature lights create a redder, warmer hue, while natural outdoor light skews more bluish and cool. This can have an adverse effect on how things like makeup appear to you in one light source versus another.


It may not seem like a significant factor, but a dimming option for the bathroom and lights can help healthier sleep. If you need to make a quick trip to the bathroom at night, very bright lights can disrupt your circadian rhythm, confusing your body into thinking it’s time to wake up. This can make it very difficult to fall back asleep once you’re finished. Dimmers, however, can help maintain a more pleasant ambiance, even when you’re not using the bathroom at night.

If you’re wondering, “Can someone do bathroom remodeling near me,” make sure to think about these factors.