3 Tips For Budgeting Your Remodel

Baltimore Contractors - 3 Tips For Budgeting Your Remodel

Working with Baltimore contractors to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or both is going to be an expensive undertaking. If you want a quality job, that will last you years, and fundamentally improves these rooms in major ways, there’s no way it will be cheap, and certainly no way to get it done for under $100, or even $1000. Here are three things you should look at while budgeting your remodel.

How Long Are You Living Here?

This is the easiest rule. The longer you plan to live in a home, the more you can spend without worrying too much about whether you’re overspending. If you’re just moving in, and plan to start a new family in this home, living for 5-10 years or more, you should only be constrained by your budget.

However, if you’re planning to move out, and only want a remodel to increase your sales price, now you need to think in terms of sale price versus how much you spend on the remodel.

What Is Your Budget?

Most of us aren’t made of money, so you won’t be able to allocate an unlimited budget for your remodeling. Small projects can cost $10000, while excessive remodeling in larger homes can cost $80000 or more! You have to look at your own finances and see what you are willing to spend—or borrow—to finance your remodeling. Everyone will have a different comfort level for how much they are willing to spend.

What Is Your Priority?

What are the things that bother you most about your kitchen or bathroom? The most effective remodeling with the longest-lasting benefit address the most serious issues. If you don’t need to change the lights in the kitchen, don’t add that to the budget. If your bathtub is fine, it’s just the tile and toilet you hate, keep the tub. A Baltimore contractors can help you fix your budget if you can plan your priorities.