3 Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors: 3 Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

It’s unfortunate that the United States, along with the rest of the world, is now still in the grip of a major global pandemic. It has, on the other hand, given many people more time to spend in their homes and become more familiar with their kitchens.

For some, this has reawakened an interest in getting the most out of a kitchen and talking to kitchen remodeling contractors to optimize this room for better home use. But how should you go about this, especially if you’d like to be smart about it and do it in such a way as to improve your property value? Here are some of the decisions being made in contemporary kitchen remodeling to keep them feeling fresh and modern.

Semi-Open Spaces With Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Nothing lasts forever, and it looks like the ubiquity of the open kitchen concept is losing some of its luster. However, rather than going back to the more old fashioned, discretely partitioned off kitchen, a semi-open space is being favored instead, so as not to completely lose the visibility and access of the open concept kitchen.

Archways, for example, is one way that kitchens are getting closed off while still maintaining visibility. The reason for this move seems to be one of practicality. Baking or cooking that causes a big mess, for example, can be more widely distributed throughout an open concept kitchen. In contrast, one more closed off area can contain this mess, making clean up easier.

Convection & Induction Are On The Rise

There’s a contingent of homeowners that will always be traditional and swear by gas-burning stoves. However, recent advances in technology have given some of the other alternatives real viability in today’s kitchens. Convection ovens are ovens that are built with fans inside. This helps to move hot air throughout the oven space, allowing food to bake or roast quickly and more evenly.

Induction stoves are a technique where electricity is applied directly to the pot or pan. Instead of heating an element that then transfers that heat and warms up the pots and pans, induction stoves heat them directly. This means that boiling water, for example, takes place at a faster rate, and it also offers more precise temperature control.

Porcelain Is Getting Attention

While porcelain has traditionally been associated with a durable, robust, water-resistant material that is perfect for tubs and toilets in bathrooms, it’s now making inroads to the kitchen. It’s still not yet a mainstay, but in addition to the usual choices of granite as a countertop choice, porcelain is now a contender.

In some ways, this makes sense, as porcelain has already proven itself in a bathroom setting that gets far more exposure to water. Toilets don’t leak, and neither do bathtubs when they’re made of porcelain, so a porcelain countertop is not that farfetched either. The one significant advantage that porcelain brings, which again comes from its usage in bathrooms, is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Aside from being easy to clean if there’s a mess, porcelain countertops don’t require much attention to keep them in good condition.

These are all ideas you can discuss with kitchen remodeling contractors as you plan your renovation.