3 Ways to Give the Home a Quick Refresh

Home Improvement Contractors In Maryland: Refresh Your Home

Bored with your home? Ready for a change? You don’t necessarily have to undergo a full remodel to spruce things up. If you are in between remodeling projects and want to do something quick, here are a few easy ways to give the home a quick refresh. And who knows? It may be just what you needed to inspire you to contact home improvement contractors in Maryland for your next kitchen and bath remodeling project.

1. Rearrange the Furniture

As simple as rearranging the furniture sounds, it is actually a great way to change things up. The best part is it won’t even cost you a dime to do. When you rearrange the furniture in the bedrooms, living room, and dining room, it is your chance to imagine the space looking a different way and is a great way to refresh the room and style.

2. Pick Out a New Paint Color

If you have outgrown your current paint colors, don’t be afraid to pick out a new color and refresh your home. Don’t want to go as far as painting the walls? You can also paint some old furniture you may have grown tired of to give it a facelift.

A statement wall is another stunning addition you can include without spending a lot of money or effort. You can paint the wall in your favorite color, use a fun pattern, or even try out some removable wallpaper options. That way, it is easy to remove if you continue with a remodel in the future.

3. Update Hardware

Not ready to discuss new cabinetry options with your home improvement contractors in Maryland? In the meantime, you can switch out your old hardware for something new. This might even inspire you to start looking at new cabinetry options for the home.

The hardware you use plays a significant role in the overall aesthetic of the space. You can play around with different options like trendy brass hardware, ceramic knobs instead of pulls, or you can even mix and match metals to add another layer of style.

As you can see, there are a few small ways you can refresh your home’s aesthetic quickly and affordably as you plan your next remodel in the future. Home improvement contractors in Maryland are ready and willing to discuss all your future remodeling options with you, so you are ready to go with your future bathroom or kitchen remodel. Contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today to get started!