3 Ways To Improve Your Bathroom

Bathroom Improvement: 3 Ways To Increase ValueOne of the best ways to upgrade your daily quality of life is to remodel your bathroom. But what kind of improvements in the bathroom can really make a difference? Aside from the most obvious strategy of adding more bathrooms, here are other features for bathroom improvement.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

The bathroom is often where medicine is stored, and a bathroom mirror typically serves the dual purpose of being a mirror and the front panel of a medicine cabinet. However, this often forces the bathroom mirror to project several inches from the wall.

For a better-looking bathroom that reclaims some space, consider building in a recessed medicine cabinet. This way, your bathroom mirror can be flush—or close to it—with the wall. This is a dramatically improved look for any bathroom.

Install A Small Window Or Ventilation

If a bathroom doesn’t have adequate ventilation, or you want, even more, installing a window or building in a new air ventilation system is a bathroom improvement. Bathrooms, in particular, can be breeding grounds for different types of mold because baths and showers fill the air with moisture, which is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to flourish.

Vents or windows do a great job of moving this air out, helping to preserve the condition of the bathroom for years to come.

Install A Larger Drain Pipe

This is an invisible bathroom improvement but can pay dividends for years. The standard drainage pipe width is 1.5”, or even 1.25”, but if you invest in a larger pipe with a 2” diameter, you give yourself a larger drainage space. This is crucial in bathrooms, where personal grooming can occur.

So whether it’s bathing the dog, trimming facial hair, or even giving yourself or someone else a haircut, a larger drain pipe vastly reduces the chances of build-up and clogs that might require the expensive services of a plumber.

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