3 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor: 3 Ways To Improve Your Storage

One of the things you hope to improve when working with a kitchen remodeling contractor is to have better storage options in your kitchen. Now that you have the chance to rebuild your kitchen exactly as you’d like, here are a few ways to organize your storage options.

Change Lower Cabinets For Deep Drawers

This premium feature is best done during the extensive work of a kitchen remodeling contractor renovating the whole room. Traditional cabinet storage, especially at floor level, involves bending down and reaching into a cabinet to sort through contents and pull them out.

However, exchanging those cabinets for drawers that can be pulled out makes retrieval and storage faster and easier.

Build In Sliding Shelves

Like deep drawers, sliding shelves allow you to retain the look of a cabinet while still having the option to pull out an entire surface and make finding items much easier. This is a more premium feature, but again, for people who want maximum convenience, this is a great way to add speed and efficiency to the storage and retrieval of kitchen items.

This can be a good addition for seniors or others with accessibility considerations.

Install A Lazy Susan

The “Lazy Susan” is the ultimate use of corner space. A corner cabinet area is capable of storing a lot of kitchen items, but the position in the corner can sometimes make it difficult to organize and position everything you want. A Lazy Susan is a carousel-like accessory that rotates, so you can easily find the specific item you want.

As with the other suggestions, a good, working Lazy Susan is more of a premium feature and is better done during the remodeling process when it’s not so much an issue to get access to the interior of a cabinet and do some work.

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