3 Ways To Maintain The Plumbing Systems In Your Home

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Every winter thousands of people call plumbers to fix their pipes. From seized shutoff valves, frozen pipes that have burst in the winter months and basement flooding in the summer, plumbing incidents happen throughout the year and are rarely expected. So how can you maintain your plumbing to stave off an incident? Maintain the plumbing systems in your home with these three methods.


Maintain Hard Water Valves

Over time, calcium and lime deposits form on the pipes and valves in your home and can cause them to seize. If you have an emergency, it is possible you will be unable to disable water to a certain part of the house. When this happens, you will require a full water shut off from your local water company of the city government. To avoid this costly process, regularly monitor your valves. Clean any build up that you can manage. Usually, a bottle of CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust) cleaner can do the job. Make sure you can still turn the valve after cleaning up. If you are unable to move it, contact a professional to examine it to avoid future incidents.


Regularly Check Under Your Home’s Sinks

Do you have a room in your home that is too cold to stay in? It is probably too cold for the pipes as well. Every home utilizes heat differently; some homes do not utilize heat as efficiently as others. If your kitchen or bathroom is in a cold area, their pipes under the sink can suffer a freeze overnight. Investigate the idea of adding insulation and develop a strategy to make your home’s heat utilization efficient to prevent future freezes.


Prevent Dripping Faucets

It may be easy to drown out the sound of a dripping faucet, but would you be able to drown out flushing your money down the toilet? Our guess would be no. Leaky faucets that take residence around the house can cost money later. What starts off as a slow drip, can quickly become a constant stream. Easily fix this problem by replacing the rubber seal. (And for less than five dollars!) Some homeowners have even replaced faucets with seal-less faucets to avoid the problem altogether.

Protect your home from water hazards in the winter and avoid costly repairs by maintaining the plumbing in your home.

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