3 Ways to Use Ceramic Tile For A Stylish Crofton Bathroom Remodel

3 Ways to Use Ceramic Tile For A Stylish Crofton Bathroom Remodel

Crofton ceramic tile, as popular as it’s always been, will always be a good option for bathrooms of all sizes and themes. Versatile and durable, one can find a wide variety of possibilities with ceramic tiles when it comes to both form and function. Here, we’ll list down three of the best ceramic tile applications when it comes to achieving a stylish Crofton home bathroom remodel.

Accent Walls

Spruce up your bathroom’s overall look by incorporating a fun ceramic tile accent wall. Given that ceramic tiles are made in endless varieties of shapes and colors, you can create an accent wall to suit any theme or aesthetic. You can choose large, floral ceramic tiles for a bold look, or small, monotone, honeycomb-shaped tiles for a bit of minimalistic flair. Work with your contractor and ask which shapes and sizes would work best given the space you have.

While kitchens have backsplashes to protect the walls from different cooking stains, you can employ a backsplash for your bathroom sink as well. For a stylish bathroom backsplash, choose a color that best complements your countertop.

Upgrade Your Shower’s Look

If the wall paint around your shower is beginning to crack, fade, or even rot, installing your choice of ceramic tile is an ideal, long-lasting fix. For a cohesive look, pick one tile color in two finishes. Choose high-gloss tiles to give your shower walls a polished look, and opt for slip-resistant finishes for flooring.

Flooring With Crofton Ceramic Tile

If you have flooring which requires too much maintenance like wood, installing ceramic tile flooring is a good option for you to consider. Ceramic tiles are For a timeless, elegant look, we recommend large, matte tiles. Slip-resistant is an even better option. This application will allow your wall applications to stand out, and give the bathroom an overall balanced look. To minimize stains and signs of wear in the future, opt for a dark-colored grout.

If you’re looking to sell your house in the future, well-maintained Crofton ceramic tile flooring provides better resale value compared to other flooring options such as vinyl.