4 Changes That Improve Your Bathroom

crofton bathroom remodeling prices - 4 Changes That Improve Your Bathroom

The decision to remodel a bathroom means having to make many choices that balance out three needs. You want a bathroom to look good, but you also want a bathroom to serve your specific needs, and you want all of this on a budget that doesn’t raise your Crofton bathroom remodeling prices too high.

But to get the most out of your money, especially in the long term, you should look at changes that provide real, lasting improvement. Here are a few improvements you can make to get the most out of your Crofton bathroom remodeling prices.

Use 2” Drain Pipes

This is a very easy choice to ignore, and yet, at the same time, it is not an expensive choice and can bring ma-jor peace of mind. While not visible, or “sexy,” drainage pipes are essential for bathrooms since hair and other waste can easily clog pipes, causing extra work, or extra money spent unblocking them.

Typically, drainage pipes will be 1½” or 1¼” in diameter. For a very minimal bump to your Crofton bathroom remodeling prices, using a larger 2” pipe makes a big difference. It will clog far less easily and ensure smoother, trouble-free flow for years to come.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

This decision both improves the look of your bathroom and gives you a little bit more space. Typically, medi-cine cabinets are attached to the wall and solidly affixed. A more streamlined solution is to build a hole into the wall and fit the medicine cabinet into it so that it’s flush with the wall.

This also allows you the chance to get a “deeper” medicine cabinet if you have many medications and don’t want your mirror to jut out of the wall too much. It also means generally more space in the bathroom and a cleaner look.

Smaller Tile, Textured Shower Floor

If you have an individual shower stall, this is both a good move aesthetically, as well as a big improvement for comfort and safety. Going with small tiles that are textured for your shower stall gives you a different look for your bathroom and makes it more distinctive.

More importantly, however, this choice also gives much more traction in the shower. This makes it easier to keep balance without slipping. For homes with senior residents, this can be an especially big perk, since falls and maintaining balance both become much more challenging, and this can be a big quality of life improvement in the bathroom.

Installing windows in a bathroom brings two major improvements. The first is that you now get some natural lighting during the day, which can save on your electrical bills if there’s a lot of major bathroom usage during daylight hours.

A bigger bonus, however, is giving you good ventilation. When you open the window, especially if you also leave the bathroom door open when not in use, windows keep your bathroom drier and healthier. An open win-dow eliminates moisture and helps to keep mold and mildew formation under control.

If you’re thinking of improving your bathroom and want to keep your Crofton bathroom remodeling prices under control, we can help. Call us, and let us help you plan your next renovation.