4 Essential Features in a Luxury Home

Maryland Contractors: 4 Essential Features In A Luxury Home

Do you know what makes a luxury home? As a homeowner, you may have wondered this but didn’t pursue anything because you think luxury costs too much. However, this is not the case. A luxury home is within your reach because there is beauty in every detail. Here are some essential features in a luxury home to consider before contacting your local Maryland contractors for your next home remodel or renovation project.

1. High-Quality Kitchen With Maryland Contractors

The kitchen in a luxury home is functional and full of luxury and style. A luxury kitchen is also outfitted with technological advances that make it easier to accomplish your tasks. For example, there are now refrigerators with temperature control and automatic dishwashers. Newer appliances are also more energy efficient as well.

Swapping out outdated kitchen cabinets and counters for new and updated cabinets and countertops can also turn a drab kitchen into one of luxury. Gone are the days of laminate countertops, and in are granite, quartz, and wood countertops.

2. Spa Bathrooms

While still essential, bathrooms are also taking on the role of luxury as more homeowners are turning their bathrooms into more of a spa experience. This means the latest furnishings and fixtures, like overhead rain showers, sunken tubs, and temperature and pressure-controlled water systems.

An updated bathroom is more comfortable and functional and is designed for the people using them. You can choose the optimal seating height for your toilet and decide on heated flooring options. All of this will take your bathroom experience to the next level.

3. Plush Bedrooms

Modern luxury is also signified by the plush bedroom setting many homeowners have chosen. You can have a high-quality hotel bedroom in your own home. Floor-to-ceiling windows, fluffy accent pillows and duvet, and an accent chair or two can turn an ordinary bedroom into one of comfortable luxury.

4. Theater Room

How many of us have wanted to bring the movie theater experience into our homes? Many luxury homes today are outfitted with just that. A theater or media room is great for entertaining guests or serves as a comfy spot for the family during movie night.

The good news? You don’t have to spend a fortune to recreate this. Find a space in your home, like the basement and outfit it with your TV, speakers, and plush seating. Turn a space not living up to its potential into a space the entire family can enjoy.

With the right Maryland contractors on your side, your dreams of luxury can come true. Contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths to get started on the two more popular spaces in your home. They can also help you with your basement remodel and custom entertainment center.