4 Features To Build Into Your New Bathroom

Bathroom Reconstruction: 4 Features To Build Into Your New Bathroom

The bathroom is not like other parts of a home where hours can be spent, such as bedrooms, home offices, or the kitchen. However, the bathroom is a specialized room where some of the home’s most important daily care activities occur. Without a toilet, bathtub, or shower stall in a bathroom, hygiene and health practices would have to take place outside the home. That’s why if you’re thinking of doing some bathroom reconstruction, you’ll want to improve some aspects of this vital room. Here are four additional features that can make the room much more convenient.

Vanity Lighting

Some people use a bathroom strictly for toilet and bathing use. Still, for many, the bathroom is also a space for beautification. Styling hair, shaving, applying makeup, and other products are all typical bathroom activities, but light can be crucial. While an overhead ceiling light is adequate for most activities, vanity lighting beside or around the bathroom mirror is better.

This way, users have a clear, unobstructed light source that doesn’t throw shadows on the face or head, making it more difficult to tell where and how to apply products accurately.

Warm Flooring

One of the less pleasant aspects of using a bathroom first thing in the morning is the shock of cold tiles underfoot. By necessity, bathrooms need tile, such as stone, rather than warmer materials like wood, since moisture can damage those softer, warmer materials.

However, for the ultimate convenience, warming systems for floors, such as electric radiant heating systems, can keep bathroom floors comfortably warm so cold tile is never a problem again. Even for people who don’t want to invest in a complete floor system, aftermarket alternatives, like heated mats, provide similar results.

Better Wiring

Older bathrooms will, if you’re lucky, have a single electrical outlet running at 15 amps. However, with today’s technology-centric bathrooms, people use electric toothbrushes that need to be recharged, electric razors, or electrically powered water flossers, or just need a spare outlet to recharge a phone.

Getting 20 amp GFCI outlets means that you have both a more robust and safer electrical power supply to this room, designed to handle water and other related power surges in the same way a kitchen can. If your bathroom uses a lot of electrical devices, look into this addition for your bathroom reconstruction.

Accessibility With A Bathroom Reconstruction

If you’re getting older and you plan to stay in your home even after your children have moved away, accessibility is a definite consideration for some. You may experience mobility issues as you get older, such as stiffer joints, difficulty walking, moving, and even just standing up from a sitting position.

Accessibility features in a bathroom, such as handles for gripping, or a swing door for a bathtub, make it possible to still make use of a bathroom even as you undergo mobility problems. Sometimes these changes can make the difference between being able to live in the home you raised a family in and having to transfer to a senior care facility.