4 Ideas For Improving A Small Bathroom

4 Ideas For Improving A Small Bathroom

Deciding to add a small bathroom to a home is always a good idea for convenience and raising the property value. In a family situation, multiple bathrooms in a home help cut down arguments and waiting as people get ready to go to school and work at roughly the same time. It’s also handy for when guests are over, especially in party situations. The small size of these bathrooms can make design ideas challenging, but we’ve some useful suggestions that won’t add much to the average cost to remodel a small bathroom.

Vintage Fixtures

There’s more than one reason to go with older sink and toilet fixtures. While vintage fixtures in a bathroom can provide a unique look, they are often also smaller than contemporary models. This can be especially important if you’re remodeling a smaller space and want to make sure that it doesn’t feel too cramped.

There are also contemporary sinks with a vintage inspiration, so you don’t have to worry about aging fixtures if this is a concern.

Soaking Tubs

Usually, the average cost to remodel a small bathroom doesn’t budget for a bathtub because that’s too big. However, not all tubs are built to the same size. There are smaller “soaking tubs” that don’t take up as much space as conventional models.

These tubs may also be useful for families with children or even pets since cleaning and soaking in these smaller tubs are easier to manage. Bathers of smaller sizes will appreciate this.


Typically for a conventional bathroom, tile and drywall treated for moisture resistance are the usual choices due to all the steam and other water produced by showers and baths. However, if you’re remodeling a “powder room,” you don’t have this concern and can go all out with wallpaper for a very distinctive look.

This opens up many decorating possibilities, and you can fun creating a new, unique atmosphere for what would otherwise be just a small, forgettable room in your home.

Go Bigger

While some might want smaller fixtures to keep things feeling spacious, the opposite approach can also work. Getting a bigger sink or vanity counter, for example, that goes wall-to-wall may be just what you’re looking for to complete a look.

This also means that a master bathroom that might ordinarily use a lot of counter space for things like makeup and hair products could have some of those items moved to the smaller bathroom to declutter.


It is always a good idea for any room. Shelves are cost and space effective solutions that don’t add much to the average cost to remodel a small bathroom. With properly positioned wall shelving, the storage capacity of a small bathroom increases considerably.

Shelves don’t have to be strictly utilitarian either. With a bit of planning and thought, you can pick and even mount shelves in a manner that accentuates the room. At the same time, you’re making good use of a lot of vertical space in the room that would otherwise go wasted.