4 Ideas For Your Bathroom Reconstruction Project

4 Ideas for Your Bathroom Reconstruction Project

Any Crofton bathroom reconstruction project can prove to be exciting. However, you want to have a plan in place and have a good idea of what you want before you get started to help avoid hiccups along the way.

Here are 4 ideas and things to keep in mind for your bathroom reconstruction project.

Tile Flooring

When we choose the flooring for our bathroom remodel, we typically want something easy to clean but still looks great. For an easy to care for floor, consider a tile that is either porcelain or glazed. Avoid any porous tile. If it is not sealed properly, any water drips or spills will absorb into the tile, eventually causing a fair amount of staining and damage over time.

For a non-slip bathroom floor option for your next Crofton bathroom reconstruction project, consider a tile with more of a textured surface. Something with a matte finish, for example, is great, as well as something that has a glaze containing sand. Small tiles also require more grout, which can provide you with a better grip compared to larger tiles.

Saving Space

Whether you are remodeling your full bath or half bath, you want to maximize the space you have available as much as possible. A pedestal sink has a slim silhouette and can work in smaller-scale bathrooms. However, it doesn’t offer any kind of storage opportunity.

Countertop Materials

Now to the countertops. When choosing a material for your bathroom countertops, there are many to choose from. Natural stone is good for a higher-end bath. It can be used in an undermounted sink and is highly stain and scratch-resistant.

However, this kind of countertop must be sealed regularly; otherwise, it is porous and can stain and etch. It also shows watermarks.

A resin-based countertop is a solid surface and can be used as one single piece. It often includes the sink, and you can choose from various colors. However, it isn’t as upscale looking as a more natural stone countertop may be.

Your Layout

Finally, when choosing fixtures and proceeding with your Crofton bathroom reconstruction project, always consider your bathroom layout. Make sure to get a sink at the appropriate height, for example, and make sure the bathroom is accessible to everyone.

For more information or guidance on your next Crofton bathroom reconstruction project, don’t hesitate to contact us at Cardigan today to go over even more options available to you.