4 Must-Haves When Updating Your Crofton Kitchen

4 Must-Haves When Updating Your Crofton Kitchen

For those looking to update their Crofton kitchen in 2022, there are a few trends you may wish to keep an eye on during their design process. Latest trends serve as excellent inspiration starting point, helping you to envision your perfect Crofton kitchen as you make your renovation decisions. 4 must-haves when updating your Crofton kitchen with 2022 trends are:

• Glazed kitchen backsplash – In 2022, tile isn’t just going on your floors. Backsplashes with a glazed tile look are taking over from the matte styles of the last few years. These can be crafted using genuine ceramic tile as well as tile-look vinyl flooring pieces. This is also where pops of color are going into kitchens, giving you an interest point for the eye as it travels around your Crofton kitchen. For rustic kitchens, one may choose a deep forest green glazed tile look. For country kitchens, a pop of sunny canary yellow. If you’re updating to a modern-chic kitchen, pops of red are adding a distinct bit of drama.

• Mixed and matched – The impossibly match-y and fresh look of yesterday’s modern kitchens are going by the wayside for a more mix-and-match appearance. Clean modern elements, like shining granite countertops, are being mixed with vintage farmhouse dining sets for a look that is distinctly unique from yesterday’s showroom ready trends. Charming and personal, these modern and vintage mixed elements can be represented in all areas of your new kitchen.

• Lighting in layers – Another huge trend in kitchen remodeling is layered lighting, which has been a big trend in living room and bedroom interior design for a few years now. Recessed lighting and pendulum or chandelier style lights may be installed in a kitchen that also has a floor lamp in the corner. Not only does this add depth and interest to the space, but it allows for better lighting control depending on how the kitchen is being used.

• Open shelving – Open shelving is adding depth and charm to kitchens in 2022. Rather than closing it all in with cabinet doors, having a few open shelves to store souvenir mugs, spices, or décor pieces gives the kitchen a clean yet “lived in” look that brings personality to an important part of the home.

If you’re planning to upgrade to a new look for your Crofton kitchen in 2022, we’re here to help. Contact our professionals at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today to get the design process started.