4 Premium Ways To Improve Your Bathroom Experience

Bathroom Remodeling: 4 Premium Ways To Improve Your Bathroom

Cost-wise, bathroom remodeling typically doesn’t cost as much as kitchen remodeling, so if this is a single project for your home, you’ve often got much more leeway with the budget to improve things. The bathroom is often thought of as just a place to use the toilet, clean up, or do personal grooming, but it can also be a place to relax and unwind if you’re willing to invest. Here are a few of the items you can consider for your bathroom remodeling if you want to make it a more premium room for your home.

Install A Bidet

A bidet can be either an additional feature built into a toilet, an accessory added to an existing toilet, or, in some cases, a freestanding water fixture all on its own. A bidet places a water pipe within the bowl that shoots upwards, acting as a way to clean the sitting area with warm or cold water, depending on the preferences and features of the bidet.

While this had previously only been a bathroom fixture in Europe, the US is increasingly using bidets because they are more eco-friendly. Perhaps due to pandemic shortage experiences, there’s now more appreciation that they don’t use toilet paper. In many ways, a bidet is a cleaner, better experience.

Warm The Floors

By necessity, bathroom floors need to be made from tile because so much water is used in a bathroom from sinks, showers, toilets, and bathtubs. The hard surface is better suited to resist water and lingering moisture, whereas other materials like wood or carpet would erode and present health hazards.

However, the tile gets very cold, which can cause some shock and discomfort when walking on it. Radiant heat systems, however, can be installed during the construction of the floor. This guarantees the floor remains at a comfortable temperature and is pleasant to walk on, even in the dead of winter.

Luxury Bathtub During Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re the sort of person that enjoys a long soak in a tub, then a luxury bathtub is a great feature for bathroom remodeling. Tubs come in various sizes and costs, with extra features to make them even more relaxing. It should come as no surprise that jacuzzi-like functionality can now be found in bathtubs, such as whirlpool features.

Tubs now also come with heaters as a premium feature, so once you’ve filled it with hot or warm water, heating ensures the water remains that temperature without needing to drain and add more.

Pipe Insulation

While not typically regarded as a “luxury” feature, insulated water pipes are a premium addition to any bathroom. There’s no predicting the weather, and cold snaps can occur unexpectedly in any given year. When that happens, water pipes are extremely vulnerable to freezing, and there are few things more stressful than waking up and realizing that water won’t come out of taps, tubs, showers, or even refill the toilet bowl.

Insulated pipes, however, are the best defense against preventing pipes’ freezing. Freeze prevention also staves off needing to repair pipes that have burst due to water expanding into ice.

These premium features are great ways to improve your bathroom remodeling.