4 Reasons It’s Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

4 Reasons It’s Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

Working with a bathroom remodel contractor on a bathroom upgrade project is a significant investment, second only to the kitchen, in terms of cost and importance to a home. It’s not a project that should be undertaken lightly, which is why you should always pick the right time to take the plunge and commit. Here are five situations where it makes sense to remodel your bathroom.

It’s Not “You”

Perhaps the most common reason it’s time to bring in a bathroom remodel contractor is because you just purchased a home that played host to a family for many years. While that bathroom might have met the needs of the previous residents, it’s not what you want. Often, this is a matter of taste, as you may not like the current choice of color or tile. In some cases, it may even be a matter of age, as the bathroom hasn’t been remodeled in a few years—maybe even a few decades!—and thus doesn’t match your taste.

If you’re moving into a home and you want something that more uniquely suits you, the bathroom is definitely one area you should look at for personalizing.

You’ve Got Major Repairs Anyway

Things happen. You may have been hit with flood damage, a storm, or even old plumbing that finally sprung a leak and needs to be replaced with a modern system you won’t have to worry about for generations more. In each case, you’re likely to need to do some major repairs and restructuring to your home, so why restore everything to the way it was?

Major repairs are a great chance not just to fix things but to change things. If you’re replacing plumbing anyway, take advantage of the new plumbing with new bathroom fixtures that are up to the task.

Circumstances Have Changed

For most of us, life changes as time passes. You may have started in a home as just a loving couple, but now, with children on the way or getting older, it’s becoming obvious that the current number of bathrooms available in a home isn’t going to be enough. In other cases, mobility issues have come to the forefront, such as due to aging or even accidents that may result in wheelchair usage.

If your home circumstances enter a new phase, sometimes the best way to continue to enjoy that home is to change the bathroom situation. A bathroom remodel contractor can help make your bathroom situation either more convenient or more feasible for your new normal.

You Want More Cost Efficiency

Sometimes, the best way to save money is to spend money. Improving a bathroom can actually make financial sense in a couple of ways. Modernizing an older bathroom or adding a half-bathroom can enhance your home, adding to its property value and sales appeal.

Remodeling your bathroom may even save you money in the long run. New plumbing and water appliances are often more resource-efficient than older models, meaning that better plumbing and fixtures can actually lower your utility bills in the long run.

If you want to work with an experienced, reliable bathroom remodel contractor on your project, contact us today.