4 Renovations That Hurt Your Home’s Sales Appeal

General Contractor In Maryland: Renovations That Hurt Your Home

If you want to improve your home, you always get the best results when you work with an experienced general contractor in Maryland. However, you should be careful about your goals for renovation. If your only aim is to make your home the way you want, then your only limit is your budget. However, if you’re improving things around the house to add sales appeal or increase property value, you must be more discriminating.

There are some changes you can make to your home that make it more difficult to sell. Here are some of the biggest red flags for potential buyers.

Swimming Pool Or Spa

It may be your dream to have a swimming pool in your backyard or a luxury spa experience without having to go to expensive facilities but believe it or not, everyone does not share this. For some potential buyers, the presence of a swimming pool or a spa on the property is an actual deal-breaker and may cause them to move on to consider another property.

This is because pools and spas require extra amounts of investment and maintenance. Some buyers may want to keep property maintenance to a minimum or be at an age or physical condition where swimming is not a focus.

Luxury Kitchens/Bathrooms

If you’re personalizing your kitchen or bathroom with the premium features you want, that’s one thing. But not everyone may agree with you. Some people, for example, may not want a luxury bathtub or a specialized kitchen area dedicated just to baking.

When you go beyond what buyers normally look for and try to add luxury value to these rooms, you may be implementing features that a potential buyer will consider as an added expense to remove. Don’t get excessive with premium features in these rooms.

Custom Installed Electronics With General Contractors In Maryland

Another area that can actually repel potential buyers is the custom installation of high-end electronics. While some buyers may like the idea of a “man cave” with speakers, screens, and projectors built right into the walls, complete with wiring and cabling, to others, this can mean that a room they had other plans for is now forcing them into a home theater situation.

Always remember that different buyers will have their own specific needs. That search for a suitable art studio or home office space can mean your custom electronic installation eliminates your home from sales consideration.


While carpeting can feel good on bare feet or those wearing socks, it’s also higher maintenance since spills show up more readily, and issues like pets gnawing on the fabric can also leave visible damage. This is why, for homes with surfaces like hardwood floors for walking, you’re better off restoring the hardwood rather than carpeting it over.

Harder surfaces like wood or tile are generally lower maintenance, and a larger percentage of potential buyers will be more comfortable with these surfaces than carpets everywhere.

If you’re thinking of improving your home, whether for your personal needs or to give your property a bit of a boost in value, get an experienced general contractor in Maryland and contact us today. We can help make your property upgrade a successful one.