4 Signs It’s Time To Consider A Bathroom Remodel

4 Signs It’s Time To Consider A Bathroom Remodel

You may have been lightly considering a bathroom remodel, and what that remodel will add to your home, but you haven’t quite made the final decision yet. There are a few signs to look out for that tell you when it’s time, and 4 of these signs are:

1. The layout causes a headache – The bathroom layout that works for one family may not work for another. Too-high storage, a tub that is too far away from the sink, a tub and shower combo when one prefers separate features, and vanities that are too high or too low are just some common reasons why a layout may cause a headache. A full bathroom remodel can fix all of these layout issues and more.

2. Clutter starts building up – Clutter is a big problem when it comes to keeping a clean and tidy bathroom. One of the top reasons why clutter starts building up is a simple lack of space, as if there is a proper place for everything you need these items won’t start taking up space on counters where they don’t belong. Adding storage with a bathroom remodel fixes this issue quickly, efficiently, and conveniently.

3. The space is too cramped – If you and your family are battling for space during teeth brushing time before bed or in the morning, it might be time for a remodel. A cozy bathroom may have worked for your family at one time, but it can be quickly outgrown, and this is a problem that only a remodel can fix.

4. You’re looking to sell soon – Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most used rooms of any home, and they’re also some of the biggest selling points. A full bathroom remodel can add both monetary value and curb appeal to your space for a faster and more satisfying sale.

When the signs pointing to a bathroom remodel begin piling up, it’s your home showing you a sign. To learn more about what a bathroom remodel can do for your space, contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today.