4 Tips For Your Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Project

4 Tips For Your Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Project

The kitchen and the bathroom are two very different areas of a home. The former is a place for preparing food and gathering people, while the latter is often a private space and quiet sanctuary. Despite the clear differences, these two share some similarities that make kitchen and bath remodeling more alike than you might think. Here are four tips to keep in mind for your next remodeling project.

Prioritize Kitchen And Bath Tiles

One thing kitchens and bathrooms share in common is an abundance of water. This underlines the importance of selecting appropriate flooring for both. A water-resistant surface like tile will prevent moisture from seeping into the floor and mold from growing.

Aside from mold growth, prolonged exposure to water might compromise the stability of your home’s structures, making it unsafe.

Select The Right Faucet

Beyond their basic function of providing water, faucets play a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom. While they are often just thought of as a tool to easily access water, they can be a major feature in defining the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

The right faucet can make a kitchen or bathroom feel rustic, traditional, or modern. When diving into the realm of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it’s important to recognize the wide range of faucet options available.

So, as you navigate through your project’s budget, consider your choice of faucet carefully, as it could make or break your revamped space.

Take Time To Choose The Right Lighting

Many people forget, but lighting is an absolutely important factor to consider in both kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects for different reasons. In the kitchen, where food preparation happens, being able to clearly see what you’re working with is crucial.

Meanwhile, the bathroom is a space for grooming and makeup application, so it must be well-lit. Beyond the generic overhead lighting, each room demands specific lighting considerations.

For instance, in the kitchen, adding under-cabinet lighting can illuminate the workspace, ensuring a bright and clear view during food preparation. In the bathroom, adding LED light panels to your mirror can work wonders.

Go For Durable Materials

When deciding on materials for your kitchen and bathroom, durability is key. Take hardwood, for instance –– it’s an option, but not the top pick for these spaces. The risk of damage from water or accidents involving knives and bowls makes hardwood a pricier choice in terms of repairs and upkeep.

Even with stones like granite or quartz, there will be different factors to consider. Granite tends to be more porous, making it prone to stains, while quartz is more sensitive to heat. And don’t even get started on tiles –– the type you choose for bathroom floors and walls can make a significant difference.

So, before you dive into the sea of material options, keep durability in mind to make the smartest choices for your kitchen and bathroom.

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