4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Plumbing

Plumbing Services: 4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of It

The water and drainage pipes of a residence are critical to home life. Without these silent, mostly invisible, non-moving parts of a home, people would have to leave a house if they wanted to use a toilet or bring in water from somewhere else for cooking, cleaning or bathing. Plumbing services, in other words, are what makes modern home life possible.

When something goes wrong, you should always call professional plumbing services near you to address the issue. But if you want to reduce the amount of professional help you need, here are four tips to help have more durable, low maintenance plumbing in your home.

Don’t Pour Grease Down The Drain

This is a tempting action to take in the kitchen, but don’t do it. Oil and other ingredients can be essential for tasty cooking or baking, but the fact that a doctor recommends not consuming too much should tell you everything you need to know about how harmful these fluids can be. Even for metal or PVC pipes, grease poured down the drain, can, given enough time, accumulate.

Once enough grease builds up, homeowners may notice sinks draining slower than before. Eventually, this can result in a blocked drain.

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Pipe Cleaners Too Frequently

If you follow the first tip, you’ll often not have to worry about this second tip. Homeowners enjoy the ease and convenience of chemical drainpipe cleaners because they are easy. If you have a slow drain or blocked pipe, just pour in some cleaner.

However, chemical drainpipe cleaners are essentially corrosive acids. So not only do they dissolve hair, grease, and other blockages, they corrode the pipe itself, whether it’s metal or PVC. Using these pipe cleaners regularly may eventually require you to replace your pipes.

Respect Your Toilet With Plumbing Services

This can sometimes be more difficult with children, but it’s essential to flush only three things down a toilet, solid waste, liquid waste, and toilet paper. Paper towels are not designed to break up on contact with water, and neither are cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, or toys.

It’s easy sometimes to think of a toilet as a garbage disposal unit, but the reality is the drainage pipe can easily get blocked. If this happens, a backed-up toilet can present serious health risks to everyone in a home, especially if it backs up right into the house.

Install Separate Shut Off Valves

This seems like an unnecessary expense, but in certain situations, it can become extremely useful. By installing separate shut off valves at all water fixtures, this means that if plumbing work needs to be done somewhere in the home, water does not have to be shut off throughout the entire house.

In other words, just because the kitchen is being remodeled, for example, water can be shut off to those areas. Still, the toilets in the rest of the home can continue to function without inconveniencing the residents while the work is going on. It’s great to let plumbing services near you do their job without getting in the way of your own home needs.