4 Ways To Lower Your Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Kitchen Remodeling Cost: 4 Ways To Lower Them

Suppose you’ve decided to renovate your home. In that case, the kitchen remodeling cost is typically going to be the most significant investment. Few people realize that the kitchen alone, especially with a major remodeling, typically costs as much as a brand new car, or even more, depending on the scope of the improvements.

Few of us are made of unlimited amounts of money, so working to reduce that overall cost—without compromising quality can be challenging. Here are four areas you can look at if you want to keep your kitchen costs down.

Don’t Relocate Appliances Or Fixtures

There are definitely some advantages to moving around a sink or the location of a stove. It can improve workflow in the kitchen, change the look, and generally make things more convenient. However, changing the location of individual appliances and fixtures can have a massive effect on your total kitchen remodeling cost.

If you want your sink in a new location, change the dishwasher position, or even move that gas burning stove to the other side of the room, costs go up significantly. This now potentially involves tearing out walls and floors and installing new water, gas, or drainage pipes if the new, preferred location doesn’t have this required infrastructure.

Get New Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets are usually the most significant expense of the total kitchen remodeling cost. Kitchen cabinets alone often take up several thousand dollars when you factor in tearing out existing cabinets, manufacturing new ones, and installing them.

If you’re happy with the location, storage space, and overall quality of your existing kitchen cabinets, then new cabinet doors may be all that’s required to give your kitchen a significant, new look.

Try Track LightingYou may want new lighting systems for your kitchen. The typical premium solution is to install new recessed lighting. This means cutting holes in the ceiling to fit in the lights you have in mind. However, a track lighting system is a unique and lower-cost alternative.

With track lighting, tracks are installed on the ceiling itself, allowing you to move lights along the track. You may find certain situations arise where a single light source in the center of your kitchen is no longer adequate to what you need. Track lighting gives you options for multiple, moveable light sources.

Try Cut Out Wall Instead Of A Tear Down

One popular trend in kitchens is the open plan/concept kitchen, with no barriers between the kitchen and those who will be dining. It fosters a more relaxed, shared space for socializing and leaves a kitchen feeling less confined.

However, rather than tearing down an entire wall, consider cutting out a space instead. This provides the benefits of feeling more open, providing more light and visibility, while still affording some benefits of a wall, such as electrical wiring and outlets that can always be used in food preparation.

These and other cost-cutting measures can still achieve a new look for your kitchen, but they help keep the total kitchen remodeling cost down.