4 Ways To Manage Your Remodeling Budget

bathroom and kitchen remodeling - 4 Ways To Manage Your Remodeling Budget

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is always a significant investment, but if you do it right, you can get the rooms that make your home feel like your own, or a big boost to your property value, or in the best cases, both. However, the cost of bathroom and kitchen remodeling is always going to be a major consideration, and unless you have unlimited funds, you want to manage your budget in a way that brings you improvements without breaking the bank. Here are four tips for helping to do that.

Reuse Assets

The more you change, the more you spend, so if there are things about your bathroom or your kitchen that you don’t have any issues with, you don’t have to change them. Cabinets, for example, don’t necessarily need to be torn off and get a brand new installation. New cabinet faces, or even just a paint job, can make these expensive kitchen items look like new.

In the same way, if your stove and faucets or other fixtures are still going strong and still look good, there’s no need to splurge on completely new appliances.

Talk To Your Remodeler

One of the best ways to safely maintain a budget is to include your remodeler in your bathroom and kitchen remodeling plan. Don’t look at pictures of kitchens and bathrooms you like, take the best parts, and then tell your remodeler just before work starts to give you all of that unless the price is no object.

If you have a budget in mind, share that with your remodeler. You may find that the budget you had is unrealistic for the kind of work you want, and have to scale back, or you may be willing to increase your budget to meet the goals now that you know what’s involved. Keeping the lines of communication open with your remodeler is essential to this.

Plan Well Ahead

The more time you spend planning before committing to the remodeling, the more money you can potentially save. Prioritize the most important things first and think about doing those initially, rather than trying to do everything all at once.

You may find that after the experience of remodeling the kitchen, you don’t want to do the bathroom right away. Or if you find you waited until the last minute to settle on a material for the floor tile, this will cost you both additional time and money because you didn’t know your selection was more expensive and labor-intensive.

Retain Your Home’s Footprint

One of the biggest culprits of raising the budget for a remodel is changing the structure of your home. If you’re tearing down walls, for an open concept kitchen, that may, depending on the wall’s location, necessitate needing to put up new load-bearing beams. If you’re building a new “water closet” on the first floor so you can have one more additional sink, toilet and possibly shower stall, that’s new infrastructure that has to go in where none was before.

By minimizing the structural changes like walls, relocating fixed appliances like gas stoves, or toilets, you save a lot of money. If you’d like to know more, contact us so that we can help with your bathroom and kitchen remodeling.