5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Update Your Bathroom This Year

Your bathroom and your kitchen are your two most utilized rooms, and if you want to remodel your bathroom to bring it into modern trends, we have all the modern trends you’ll need! To gain some inspiration for your new bathroom remodel, we have the 5 bathroom trends considered the hottest for the year 2016:

  1. Wood – The sterile look of bathrooms is out, and rustic wood is in! Wood for cabinetry, countertops, and other aspects of your bathroom mesh beautifully with the steel or porcelain fixtures you lay alongside it, and it really gives your bathroom a modern, yet timeless, beautiful appeal.
  2. Hot cools – Cool tones have always been popular in bathrooms, and the colors you’ll often see bathrooms themed around most are blues and greens. What makes the 2016 trend different, however, is hot cools, and replacing those demure cool tones with jewel tones of the same shade. Bright emerald greens, and deep sapphire blues are taking the place of the muted pastels of old, and this can really take your bathroom and give it a whole new cheery atmosphere.
  3. All natural – Naturals aren’t just represented in the wood trends for 2016 bathrooms, and natural sinks are being brought in as well. Sinks made from stone really top off the rustic trend in bathroom design, and they create a great statement piece to base your space around.
  4. Metallics – Metallic fixtures and décor have been really popular in bathroom design for the last handful of years, but with the natural trend booming so big in 2016, metallics are more in demand than ever. To compliment wood or any natural material, tones of bronze, copper, silver, and gold in faucets, cabinetry hardware, and décor really help to up the “wow” factor.
  5. Large tile – Large tile, as opposed to the small tile often found in bathrooms, is another big trend taking over bathroom design in 2016. Large tile creates a less busy atmosphere and brings a little clean modernity right along with it.

If any of these new trends have inspired you, we can help you to visualize how they’ll look in your bathroom at your consultation! To schedule your consultation with our designers, simply call us at Cardigan today.

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