5 Clever Strategies For A Small Kitchen Renovation

5 Clever Strategies For A Small Kitchen Renovation

A small kitchen renovation may not sound like much, but it has its pros and cons. One of the biggest pros is that it will cost less compared to when you have a large kitchen. However, the downside is the challenge of working with and maximizing a small space.

Here are five clever ways to make the most of your small kitchen remodel:

Use Multi-Function Appliances

In the past, if you wanted an oven, an air fryer, and a microwave, you would need three different appliances, each of which required their own space. Today, however, things are a lot different. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s possible to get appliances that serve more purpose than one.

Ovens, for example, now also come with convection functions, which mirror the same operation as an air fryer. The same is true on the smaller side of things, with appliances like toaster ovens now including air fryer functionality.

Multi-functional appliances will take up less space in the kitchen, leaving you with more room for other items.

Dishwashers Are Still Possible

While it might seem like a dishwasher is a dealbreaker in a small kitchen, you might be surprised. There are smaller, under-the-counter models that take up only 18 inches and even smaller countertop models if you don’t want to sacrifice counter space.

With a little bit of strategic positioning, it might be possible to accommodate a dishwasher in your tiny kitchen without losing a lot of space.

Install Vertical Cabinets

Having a smaller kitchen does not always mean giving up cabinetry. When space is at a premium in your small kitchen renovation, opting for vertical cabinets is a game-changer. These taller cabinets make the most of your kitchen’s height, offering extra storage without eating up precious floor space.

It’s a clever way to create ample room for your cookware, dishes, and pantry items, keeping everything organized and within reach.

Opt For A Large Sink

While you may be trying to downsize everything when renovating a small kitchen, one thing you should not compromise is your sink. A larger sink is still essential for kitchen use, especially for food preparation, even if you aren’t washing your dishes.

Opting for a smaller one can limit what you can do in the kitchen.

Choose Paint Colors Wisely

Lighter colors can often make a space feel airy and more open. Darker shades, on the other hand, provide more contrast and define limits more clearly.

With this said, it’s better to go for lighter colors when working with a small kitchen. Doing so will make the space look bigger than it actually is.

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for your small kitchen renovation, contact us today. Count on our team to make your dream kitchen come to life, regardless of how big or small your space is.