5 Considerations For Your Bathtub Upgrade

Bathroom Remodeling Companies: 5 Considerations For Your Upgrade

It’s just a given that when if you’re talking to bathroom remodeling companies about a big bathroom project, one thing you’ll want to put on that list is upgrading a bathtub, perhaps even the master bathtub in the ensuite bathroom of the master bedroom, to a bigger, better model.

However, when getting a new bathtub installed, it isn’t as simple a matter as picking a bigger, better model and purchasing it for installation. A few factors need to be considered to ensure that your bathtub upgrade is not just an improvement but actually viable.

Walls & Corners

This plays a big role in what kind of bathtub you’ll be purchasing. A freestanding tub, for example, has fewer placement limitations, whereas a tub in a corner or aligned with one wall will create a different set of design and placement requirements.

The layout and placement of your tub are something you should carefully consider, especially if you have your heart set on a particular design that may not be compatible with the current tub’s position.

Height & Depth

Not many people think about this, but it can be crucial to your bathing experience, especially for older residents. A bathtub is something people typically step or climb into and out of. What is the optimal height and depth for you? Some people, especially those with mobility problems due to age or disabilities, may find the standard height and depth of a bathtub to no longer be convenient.

Look at different heights and depths, and, in some cases, consider other options, such as having a tub sunk into the floor.


Now that you are talking to bathroom remodeling companies about a bathroom that’s just for you, it’s time to think about the shape of the bathtub you want. Many of us are familiar with the rectangular bathtub shape that you find in most homes, but this may not be something you want or need for your renovations.

Don’t be afraid to actually “test drive” bathtub models and sit in them to see if a circular or other shape is what you really want.


A final consideration that needs to be examined is the weight of the bathtub. Depending on the size of the bathtub and the materials used to build it, a bathtub can be relatively light for its size or very dense and heavy. The placement of the bathtub can also play a crucial role in the tolerance a bathroom has for a bathtub.

A tub that’s too heavy may not be supported by the floor of your bathroom and may require additional support to install it safely. If there are any doubts about this, talking to bathroom remodeling companies about this, or even getting an inspection, can be the safest and most accurate way to ensure that a bathtub you’ve got your heart set on can be safely installed in your bathroom for day-to-day use.

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